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idloom’s new year resolution? Bringing even more powerful features to our community of users!

At idloom, we spend a lot of time and effort improving our existing offering to make sure we remain the best and most complete event management software out there, without ever compromising on ease of use !

We release updates every month, and give all our customers access to them instantly !

Here’s what’s been released in the last few months:

  • Multilingual events – set up unique events and registration forms in multiple languages simultaneously, more info here.
  • Session check-in – check people in to individual sessions/sub-events, more info at here.
  • Group registrations – multiple ways to go about this, more info here.
  • Waiting lists – add people to waiting lists for sold out options, more info here.
  • New payment methods – we constantly add new payment providers to our platform, and recently added www.CashNet.com , www.Bambora.com , and www.Authorize.Net
  • Access rights – easily manage access rights and permissions for each of your users, more info here.
  • Event listing pages – create webpages displaying all your events organised under your account, more info here.
  • No date events – create permanent events with no start or end date
  • Document upload by guests – Let your participants upload documents directly from the registration form
  • Badges with Vcards – create badges displaying QR codes containing people’s contact details. Simply let people scan eachothers QRs and instantly add them to their contact books!

That’s it for now, but stay tuned as there’s more to come very soon!

Feel free to reach out to us at info@idloom.com for any assistance or additional informations. 


Enjoy !

Idloom-events Support Team

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