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Event Marketing

Grow, charm and please your audience - every step of the way. 

Make your brand the star of the show

Stunning websites

Craft a captivating first impression with idloom's user-friendly event website builder. Go beyond average and design beautiful, multi-page websites that really reflect your brand. 

Streamlined success

Manage various types of event formats effortlessly with tailored templates for every event type. Streamline the organization of detailed event programs, by efficiently replicating and customizing events. Save time and ensure consistency across all your events with templates that apply to individual pages, like programs and speakers, as well as entire event setups.

Global reach

With 25+ languages supported, idloom facilitates global outreach for your event marketing endeavors.

Branded communication

Provide comprehensive branding personalization, ensuring your organization’s identity is seamlessly extended in every attendee interaction. Incorporate your logos, brand colors, domain names, and email sender addresses. From event registrations to post-event communications, guarantee that every touchpoint mirrors your unique brand essence, offering a cohesive and professional representation at every step.

Automated emailing 

Effortlessly manage your event’s email communications with our powerful automation. From save-the-dates to reminders and payment confirmations, our system handles it all with minimal intervention. Stay updated on waiting list changes and ensure every attendee is promptly informed. Focus on creating memorable experiences while our automation tools handle the rest.

Audience targeting

Effortlessly segment attendees based on any information, from session preferences to eye color, for a personalized event experience. Customize registration with tailored questions and personalize email communications, ensuring every attendee feels valued and engaged from start to finish.

All your events at a glance

Promote your upcoming events 

Managing large-scale event programs? Tired of updating countless event pages?

Discover our Catalog: an all-in-one promotion feature to display all your events in one place. Keep full control over your display with unlimited customization options. 

Because our clients love us

Discover what our clients say about us in their reviews on Capterra and find out why we are their trusted choice for seamless event management.


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