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Create a community of members in which they can securely share content, collaborate on projects, and interact without boundaries.

Build a flourishing community 


Create a community where members can securely share content, collaborate on projects, and interact freely. Set up groups for document sharing, communication, publishing information, sharing articles and media, and organizing video conferences and events—all within a personalized platform.

Versatile and easy to use, our platform empowers organizations to build vibrant communities for members, event participants, students and alumni, trainees or any other type of fellowship. 


Unparalleled communication

Community-wide posting, automated newsletters, limitless sharing.

Knowledge management

Organized content, stored documents, indexed search engine.

Multipurpose community platform

Walls, groups, chats, documents, media, video meetings…

Intra-extranet architecture

Differentiated access to content for members or individuals outside your organization.

Sharing is caring

Connect with everyone

Find and connect with members through easy-to-use profiles. Send instant messages and create group chats for real-time conversations.

Interactive content sharing

Post content publicly or privately, tag people, and encourage engagement with comments and likes.

Event management made easy

Plan and host events and virtual meetings directly within the platform.

Communication is key

Automated newsletters

Automate the creation and sending of newsletters and digest emails with curated content.


Make sure your entire community or organization sees your latest news by notifying them per email.

Promoted posts

Make important information stand out by pinning it at the top of each user’s main wall.

Collaborating with ease

Shared workspaces

Collaborate on projects in real-time with shared notebooks and files.

Private groups

Create dedicated spaces for teams, task forces, and specific divisions to streamline communication and task management.

Virtual meeting rooms

Organize productive team meetings without geographical limitations.

Engaging polls & surveys

Gather feedback and insights from your community through easy-to-create questionnaires, surveys, and polls.

Knowledge at your fingertips

Centralized knowledge Hub

Archive, organize, and secure unlimited documents and files with granular access controls.

Instant search functionality

Find what you need in seconds with a powerful search engine that scans document titles and content.

Safeguarded content

Ensure long-term accessibility of your organization's knowledge for future generations.


Security comes first

Tailored groups 

Create public, private, and even secret groups to foster targeted discussions and collaboration.

Granular access control

Define user roles and permissions to ensure the right people have access to the right information.

Unwavering data privacy

Maintain the highest industry standards of privacy and security for your members and users.

Because our clients love us

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Great collaboration platform

Our members are using the tool more and more. Compared to last year the use has doubled thanks to new features, improvements Idloom is implementing.



The platform offers a lot of different features (chats, events, videos, albums,...) which are easy to use. They even implement a free video conferencing tool for their clients during Corona times.


The integration was not easy as we had a lot of files and groups to import but with the support of Idloom we managed.

User-friendly, performant and looking great!

We now have a fully integrated system, that is compliant with GDPR. Great service from the idloom team.



Idloom-wall is our intranet and extranet connecting our industry. It is very self-explanatory and our members got switched on with a minimum of effort.


Nothing really, it exceeded our expectations.