• idloom

About idloom

idloom® optimizes professional organizations by simplifying internal communications and processes.

Our company

As experts in corporate digital communication, we have the particularity of offering a unique combination of technological, marketing, and management expertise. We apprehend digital communication as a whole to achieve maximal value creation for our clients, and therefore offer state of the art software solutions tailored to their needs along with customized support and consulting.

Our software offering currently consists in 2 products:

  • idloom-events™ - a state of the art event management platform
  • idloom-wall™ - a fully customizable social intra/extra-net

Alongside our software products, we offer customized support and consulting under our branch idloom-consulting™, as well as diversified personalised services. We tackle complex problems with a systematic approach, combining creativity, originality, and structure.

At idloom®, we take great pride in optimizing the way our clients connect, share, and work together in the digital world.

Our vision

At idloom®, we find ourselves at the crossroads between digital communication and corporate strategy. We have the particularity of combining technical, marketing, and management expertise thanks to our very rich and diversified backgrounds and history.

We create value for our clients by simplifying the way they connect and organise work. We have an integrated, practical vue on technology, and we apprehend it as a whole.

We work hand in hand with our clients and develop strong and lasting relationships with them. We aim for sustainable success.

Our values

We love to connect, share, communicate. We have an ethical vue on work organisation.

Our approach to problem solving is systematic and rigorous, allowing us to combine creativity, originality as well as structure in our projects.

We believe in long term relationships with clients and partners, and continuously strive for excellence in everything we do and are.