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About us

We are the ID before the LOOM

We are the ID before the LOOM

Sébastien Braun

CEO & Founder

"Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best".

Academic Background
Economics and Finance

Strategy consulting

By combining analytics and business acumen. I apprehend clients’ projects from a business perspective, and bridge the gap between real life situations and technical solutions. I am driven by customer satisfaction and success, and take great joy in helping clients reach their goals in today’s global digital ecosystem.


Maxence Cupper

CTO & Founder

"Trust is both the root and the fruit of harmonious collaborations".

Academic Background 
Economics and Marketing

Entrepreneur in marketing and information technology

By associating a strong business, economics, marketing and a long and successful experience as an entrepreneur in marketing and information technology, my approach is to analyze how these technologies can help you in your business or significantly change your market.


Our approach

idloom enables people to meet and empowers them to continuously learn & discover.

Balancing creativity, functionality and efficiency, idloom elevates experiences of all event stakeholders and seamlessly integrates them in a global software ecosystem of limitless connections and knowledge.


Our vision

We create value for our clients by simplifying the way they connect and organize work. We have an integrated, practical view on technology, and we apprehend it as a whole.

This very light and agile philosophy, coupled with our 5* customer support, have made the reputation and success of idloom worldwide.


Our values

  • Inspiration & consistency

  • Creativity & dedication

  • Elegance

  • Simplicity & transparency