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Event tools

Event management excellence, one feature at a time.

Attendee hub

Elevate attendee experience by providing access to event details, registered sessions, and essential documents like badges, tickets, invoices and much more—all conveniently consolidated in one place. 


Offer your attendees networking opportunities through an interactive attendee list, ensuring connections are made with ease and excitement.


Managing large-scale event programs? Tired of updating countless event pages?

Discover our Catalog: an all-in-one promotion feature to display all your events in one place. Keep full control over your display with unlimited customization options. 

Program builder

Keep your attendees engaged with the program page, enabling effortless organization of your event agenda.

With flexible design options, showcase multiple attendance paths, registration options, speakers, and more dynamically.

Easily rearrange sessions with a simple drag-and-drop feature to create a beautiful, comprehensive event agenda.

Calendar resource booking

This isn't your average calendar; it's a scheduling superhero designed for businesses that thrive on precision. A tool that allows attendees to snag  appointments, test drives, or coveted dinner tables in seconds – all through a sleek, user-friendly interface.

Capacity management

Maximize resources with optimal allocation - handling the most complex tickets and time slots configurations.  

Hotel rooms allocation

Allow attendees to effortlessly tailor their hotel accommodations to their preferences. From selecting specific nights to choosing room types and additional options like breakfast, attendees have full control over their stay.

Whether opting for a dedicated room block arranged by the organizer or syncing directly with hotels, Idloom ensures a seamless process for attendees to customize their lodging experience to their liking.

Hotel rooms allocation

Payments of any kind

Accept payments seamlessly through your preferred payment gateway and facilitate payments via bank transfer. You have the power to implement discount options, early bird incentives, and volume discounts, ensuring your event attracts attendees far and wide.

Manage transactions

Process transactions, refunds and track all financial activities on both attendee and event levels.

Check-in & access control

Welcome attendees on site using idloom’s dedicated module or mobile app. Scan people based on overall event or participation category, as well as for individual sessions or sub-events, ensuring seamless coordination and tracking.

Securing online events

Idloom’s exclusive online access portal guarantees secure entry for virtual attendees, regardless of the platform utilized.
Enjoy secured access to the rooms, automatic check-in of participants, and custom countdown screens before each session begins.

Bespoke badging

Get creative with unlimited badge dimensions, layouts, and designs. Customize event badges for different attendee types or attended sessions, offering endless personalization possibilities. Our user-friendly badge module is designed for event organizers with little-to-no design experience.

Simply tap "print" on the idloom app at check-in, and voilà! 

Online stage 

Make your online events more interactive than ever with idloom's online stage. Broadcast live streams, Q&A sessions, polls, pre-recorded videos, and infographics to engage your audience in real time. 

Tailor the look and feel of your event to perfectly match your brand. Choose from a variety of layouts and functionalities to create an online event experience that's both immersive and interactive.

Unmatched invoicing capabilities

From creating and sending invoices to tracking payments and managing outstanding balances, our complete invoicing module equips you to efficiently handle your finances. With branded invoice templates and automated reminders, staying on top of payments is a breeze - your finance team will love it. 

Automating taxes

Planning events shouldn't be overshadowed by tax complexities. We take the guesswork out of tax calculations. Simply provide your event details, and our system automatically applies the correct tax rate. Trust issues? You of course keep full control over the applied rates at any time. 

International participants

Our tax rules automatically adjust rates based on the event's location, organizer's tax number, attendee provenance, tax identification number...

Tax rates per item 

Gala dinners, online events, onsite conferences, hotel nights... assign different tax rates for each type of participation or purchase. 

Multi-step registrations

idloom’s introduces a dynamic approach to event registration, allowing organizers to break down the process into multiple stages. This proves invaluable in situations where a preliminary evaluation is required, such as reviewing applications before confirming registrations. With idloom, planners can seamlessly navigate this multi-step flow, ensuring a tailored experience for both applicants and administrators.

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