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A complete Event Management and Registration Software System

idloom-events provides all the features necessary for the seamless organization of an event: creation of a dedicated event website, guest registration management, payment processing, automatic invoicing, badge creation, monitoring, check-in, etc.

An "all in one" solution for businesses of all sizes, idloom-event was built with the largest client in mind to ensure that we have all the complex features you will ever need.  No matter what type of Event you are planning, idloom-events will be able to handle it all. Our software lets you focus on the only goal that really matters; making your event a success!

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Socialize your Intranet / Extranet
to Empower your Organization

In the social media era we live in, colleagues expect to be able to connect and share information easily with one another. If their company or organizations' intranets don’t allow them to do so, they will inevitably turn to social media to interact…with all the risks it entails in terms of productivity and confidentiality.

With idloom-wall, teams can more easily share their knowledge and information amongst themselves, without jeopardizing your organization.  Cut down on emails and share documents, videos, information & more to socialize your work environment.

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Group creation and management

How to create a new group, associate it with user circles, filter it by theme, configure the type of content that will be published there ...

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Online Event Management with Cisco Webex

Create your Webex meeting rooms without ever leaving the backend of idloom-events !

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PHP developer - Brussels area

Idloom is looking for a PHP developer in Waterloo - Belgium to reinforce the idloom-events development team and support customers’ development projects.

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Manage Speakers Like a Ninja

The most efficient speaker management software available

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idloom-events for Education

You’re a school, college or university organizing events regularly? This is how idloom-events will revolutionize your event management processes

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idloom-events for Corporate Trainings

You’re an organization managing trainings and courses on a regular basis? This is how idloom-events will help you!

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