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General event check-in or check-in per session?

Thanks to idloom-events’ state-of-the-art check-in feature, event organizers can simply scan participants' QR codes/e-tickets at the gates via a mobile portal compatible on all devices: smartphones, tablets, computers...

Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to proceed from any device.

General event check-in

From your mobile device, open your web browser (Chrome recommended) and log in to your idloom-events account. From your events’ list tab, select “check-in” from the drop-down menu of the event you want to begin check-in for.


You’ll then access the check-in page, where you’ll be able to check in guests by simply scanning their QR codes displayed on their confirmation emails / e-tickets.

If a guest doesn’t have a QR code to display – they may have forgotten to bring their ticket, deleted the email, or you simply chose not to send out QR codes to participants… – simply enter his/her name in the “Search guest” field to check them in.


For each check-in, the system will display the check-in status (Check-in OK – Already checked-in – Warning: Not paid – Cancelled - Rejected) as well as all relevant guest information. All information will be synced with the platform in real time.

If you wish to check your guests out of the event, simply flip the check-in / check-out switch and start scanning again for check-out.

In the backend’s guest list, you will see for each guest whether he/she is checked-in or not, as well as each attendees’ check-in and check-out times if you checked them out of the event.

You can export this data in xls (available from the guest list export), or analyze it from idloom-events integrated statistics dashboard.

It’s as simple as that !

Note that this works on any mobile device, whether smartphone, tablet, or phablet, operating under any mobile OS: Android (Android Market), iOS (AppStore), Windows, BlackBerry, etc. Checking-in guests can of course also be done from a regular computer. 

Only requirement: having access to the internet.

Check-in per session

In addition to the general event check-in, idloom-events offers you the possibility of checking-in your attendees at individual options / workshops / sessions ! (available from the Premium subscription).

In order to begin check-in, simply select the option you want to begin check-in for from the drop-down field shown on your check-in page.

Once the right session/option selected, begin checking-in attendees the exact same way as for general check-in.

Of course, only attendees having actually registered for these individual sessions will be allowed to check-in. If they’re not listed as attendees to that individual option, an error message will be displayed.


As for general check-in, the complete list of individual sessions’ check-ins and -outs is available both from your statistics dashboard and as an xls download.




The Support Team.

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