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Features provides all the features necessary for the organization of an event, from registration of enrollments, to badge creation, right through to billing. provides all the features necessary for the organization of an event.

Take advantage of idloom’s countless registration features

  • Waiting lists
  • Time zone management

    Automatically detect registrants' time zones.

  • Session management

    Set up several sessions/courses within your events. For each session/course, you can define date, time, and location.

  • Multiple event locations

    Edit multiple locations for one event, and let participants add to their calendars the specific locations for each event/sub-event/session.

  • Multistep registration

    Structure your event into multiple categories and options (subcategories) of registration, depending on the types of entries or specificities of your event. Specific rates can be applied to each of them. 

  • Hotel bookings

    Link to your hotel booking page or allocate rooms directly from the registration process.

  • Pre-registrations

    Collect pre-registrations before the official registration opening date, then contact them when registrations officially open (with a discount coupon?).

  • Upload of attendee lists
  • Registration updates by participants

    Let participants update or cancel their registrations themselves (optional).

  • Restricted/private registration

    Restrict registrations to people with a general password or with a guest-specific code (or email address). Pre-fill the fields in the form based on the registrant's data on file. Different fields and types of tickets can be displayed per individual registrant.

  • Multistep approval of participants

    Let your attendees pre-register, then screen their applications before confirming their registration and sending the ticket.

  • Virtual events

    Seamlessly organize and manage online events, with multiple time zones, secured access to the rooms, automatic check-in of participants, and custom countdown screens for each session before they begin.

Registration feature illustration

Set up the fields you need for your events

  • Online, on-site, hybrid registration
  • Fully customizable forms 

    Endlessly editable forms with unlimited fields, drop-down menus, multiple choices, multiple languages, and more.

  • Conditional fields

    Define what fields are displayed based on the answers to previous fields.

  • List, table, and calendar views

    Display your events and sessions in the format of your choice.

  • Document upload

    Participants can upload personal documents, presentations and images directly from within the form.

  • Group registrations

    Manage multi-ticket settings or consecutive, nominative registrations.

  • Form embedding

    Integrate the registration form only into an existing website.

Forms feature illustration

Put your events forward with stunning costumed websites

  • Branded event websites
    Select your colours, add your logo and personal information.
  • Event templates

    Easily duplicate your events and event types.

  • Multiple pages

    Speakers, Partners, Program, Sponsors, custom content pages, etc…

  • Multiple languages

    Create websites and registration forms in multiple languages.

  • Personalized domain names / URLs
  • Public or private events

    Prevent your indexation in Google and make your event virtually unfindable.

  • Online overview of all live events

    Create a stunning page displaying an overview of all your events and maximize their visibility.

  • Virtual event platform
    Create your own DIY branded virtual platform and embed all your streaming, interaction sources onto it. Make your online events more interactive than ever by broadcasting multi-source content (live streams, Q&As, polling, pre-recorded videos, infographics, ...).
Event Websites feature illustration

An array of options and methods to choose from

  • Discount coupons

    Discounts in % or currency can be applied to your entire event, or specifically for certain options/sessions. Coupons can also be personalized and limited in time and quantity.

  • Early bird pricing

    Set up early bird prices on selected items and add validity dates.

  • Volume discounts

    Give custom discounts for certain volumes of registrations.

  • Online payments

    Connect to your favourite payment gateway and collect payments with any credit card out there.

  • Bank/wire transfers

    Set up your account details and communicate them to participants with an invoice.

  • Accounting/financial documents

    Generate and send out receipts, invoices, credit notes. All documents are fully customizable (number and prefix of documents, generation and sending automated or not, logo and personalized text).

  • Financial reports
  • Tax / VAT rates management

    Apply different tax rates based on the country or state of the participant, the event, the organizer, etc…

Payments feature illustration

Manage and automate all communications

  • Automatic emails

    Confirmation emails, reprocess payment emails, registration modification email, waiting list updates, etc…

  • Fully branded templates
  • Custom Email campaigns

    Filter by attendance type, status, language, payment, tag… Schedule campaigns such as reminders, post-event surveys, etc...

  • Personalized sender email addresses
  • Add to calendar links

    Including location, time slot and time zone.

  • Send documents

    Presentations, invoices, receipts.

  • Attach participant badges
  • QR code generation
  • E-tickets

    A ticket containing participation details and a unique QR code is sent to each registrant automatically. You can easily download your e-ticket, or simply add it to your digital Wallet.

Automatic Emails feature illustration

Control access to your events, whether on site or virtual

Check-in & Event access feature illustration

Keep control over your event, any place, any time

  • Multiple languages
  • Data export 

    Export all data in xls, csv, pdf.

  • Statistics dashboard
  • Attendee management

    Manage guest lists, filter and communicate with attendees, etc...

  • Transactions dashboard

    Manage attendees’ payments and transactions, refunds, transfers, etc...

  • Profile settings

    Define multiple profiles with specific logos, colours, custom integrations and set up, payment and accounting information, as well as users and access rights per profile.

  • Custom access roles

    For each event or profile, define the accesses/restrictions and actions allowed for each user of the platform.

  • Badging

    Create badge or name tag designs for your entire guest list.

Admin Interface feature illustration

Limitless software integration possibilities

Integrations feature illustration

You data is safe with us

  • ISO 27001 
  • SOC2
  • PCI 
  • Multi-Factor authentication 
  • Single sign-on 
  • GDPR 
Security and Compliance feature illustration