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A full range of tools to manage event registrations.

NEWSeamlessly organize and manage online meetings, webinars, live streams…

Whether you organize small group meetings or huge conferences with thousands of participants, idloom-events’ got you covered. Organizers link online locations to event sessions – Participants register to online meetings and manage their programs, add to their calendars, etc. A dedicated check-in page ensures your online meetings are safe and only accessible to registered attendees.

A complete Website for your Event

In just a few clicks, idloom-events lets you create a custom website, entirely dedicated to your Event!  Thanks to an integrated content editing tool with predefined templates, you'll be able to publish a complete description of your Event directly onto your own website URL in as easy as one, two, three. 

List the Speakers presenting at your Event, complete with their bios.  Display your Event Itinerary & Program details, whether it's for just one day or over the course of several days; with multiple sessions throughout!  Easily display your Event Sponsors and/or Partners, as well as create additional Event Website Pages to help promote your Event in any way you can imagine!

Additionally, idloom-events gives you the opportunity to personalize your guest registration process; meaning that you get to collect the necessary information your company cares about.  Easily create various sessions, workshops, and activities within a single event; and even apply different pricing options to them as well.  You can even offer early bird prices and coupons, as well as a list of hotel choices.  Finally, we give you the ability to accept the widest available range of payments from your guests.

Discover a few examples of idloom-event based websites.

Integrated view of your Guest List

idloom-events gives you a real time view of your Guest List as well as the status of their registration (payment status, registration category, etc.). This list can be easily exported into Excel or CSV formats for other uses too.

If needed, you can also access all of your Guest details and modify their registration choices, payment options, invoicing details, etc. directly from the backend.  You can even give your Guests the ability to do this on their own; it's up to you.

The best part about your Guest List (and the Data associated to them)  YOU own the data!  Not us.  What do we mean?  We do not store or use your Guest's Data for our own personal use or potential monetary gain.  For example, we don't sell it to 3rd party marketing companies looking to buy lists...it's not right, because it's yours.

Multilingual events

Need your event websites, registration forms, confirmation emails and tickets in multiple languages?

Simply duplicate your event in as many languages as you need, make some adaptations if necessary, and you're good to go! It's as simple as that.

A Single Platform for all of your Events

Do you regularly organize Seminars and Conferences for your customers and/or employees?  idloom-events lets you manage all of your Events in one place, whether they are Free or Paid Events, and adapts to each event's specific characteristics too.  This saves you time and money.  Have you tried to manage Events on your own, in-house, using your own makeshift application?  Not fun is it?  Let us take the headache away from you.

With idloom-events you can duplicate a recurring event and even compare the performance of the various events you've managed before. 

Last Minute Guest Registrations

Guests sometimes show up unannounced, without registering beforehand, or bring along people who are not on the invited Guest List.

idloom-events has a specific module allowing you to quickly and easily handle last minute guest registrations at the time of the event or at the venue.

Hotel Reservations

Organizing Events with international guests often requires you to help them with accommodation options.

idloom-events provides your guests with a hotel room reservation module, in which they can either book their accommodation directly from your event website or be redirected to the hotel room booking provider of your choice.

You will then be able to export guest choices and communicate them to hotels and other partners you work with easily and effortlessly.

Payments and Invoicing

If you charge a fee for your Event; idloom-events lets you decide on the means of payment made available to guests.  You can choose which payment options are available such as: Credit Cards with Stripe, PayPal, Ogone, Hipay, Bambora, Authorize.Net, CASHNet, Bank Transfers, etc.

idloom-events also manages VAT and calculates the amount due according to the guest's country of origin, the country where the event is held, and any extra options chosen. In addition, you are notified immediately if the VAT number is incorrect.
Icing on the cake?  idloom-events instantly generates customizable invoices, pro-forma and credit notes for you!

You can easily send your guests a pro-forma with the summary of the order, invoices & receipts after payment confirmation, or credit notes should they choose to cancel their event attendence. Each document will display the prefix and code of your choice in order to be easily inserted into your organization's existing invoicing system. This feature will save your company's financial department countless hours of extra work.

Confirmation Email Messages

idloom-events allows you to automatically send various confirmation messages to your guests, depending on their level of participation with your event, any special options they chose, and even based on the specific payment method they selected. These emails are completely editable once your event is created.

These emails can also be customized to include your logo and any branding messages. And if you wish, you can receive a copy of each confirmation message that is sent to each of your guests.

Finally, thanks to our dedicated module available on idloom-events or via a mobile app, idloom-events automatically generates an e-ticket for your Guests by providing them a QR code which allows for a quick and easy check-in process at the Event Venue. 

Quick Check-In

With idloom-events, long lines at the Event Venue are a thing of the past thanks to our fast and smooth "quick check-in" system.

Attendees are seamlessly checked-in on site via the QR Code generated on their confirmation email's e-ticket.

Event Organizer(s) simply scan the Guests unique QR Code using their smartphone or tablet’s camera, and the guests are automatically checked-in. You are also able to access & edit important guest details about them as well. 

If you prefer not to use the QR code, or if participants show up without their e-tickets, you can manually check-in a Guest by simply typing his/her name in the quick check-in module.

Read more: How to check-in your guests on site?

Automatic Badge Creation

With idloom-events, you no longer have to waste time and money making badges. The interface allows you to automatically create and print a badge for one attendee or for your entire guest list!

You can even assign multiple badge formats according to the different categories of Guests that you opt to define.  For example:  you can print a purple badge for Speakers, a yellow badge for Members, or a green badge for Guests, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

Multi-Profile Settings

Do you need to organize multiple Events simultaneously, with different logos and templates for each different Event? Do you need to be able to adapt confirmation emails, invoicing information and document content independently for each of them as well?  No problem.

idloom-events lets you create multiple profiles within your account, allowing you to customize your companies types of events and the corresponding documents sent out to it's group of event registrants

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Advanced VAT Settings

Managing VAT rates applicable to different event registrants for international events can quickly become a challenging task. Intra-community VAT rates for European companies, different applicable national rates depending on the country of origin, different rates linked to the country where the event is held… are only a few examples of situations where various VAT rates need to be applied.

idloom-events lets you easily manage applicable VAT rates across your events and registrants, saving you the tedious task of rectifying VAT payments for each of your registrants individually.

Plus many more Features:

  • Detailed and customized event creation
  • Customizable branding and prices
  • Easy form creation and modification
  • Registration of participants, speakers and sponsors
  • Hotel reservations
  • Payment in any currency with optional VAT management
  • Invoice creation
  • Automatic sending of confirmation messages
  • Customized badge creation
  • "Real-time" participant data acquisition and ownership
  • Export of data in Excel & CSV
  • Duplication of recurring events
  • ....

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