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Socialize your intranet / extranet

In the social media era we live in today, colleagues expect to be able to connect and share information easily with each other. If their companies’ or organizations' intranets don’t allow them to do so, they will inevitably turn to social media to interact… with all the risks it entails in terms of productivity and confidentiality.

With idloom-wall, teams can organize and share easily their knowledge and information without jeopardizing your organization.

Break information silos and boost internal communication

idloom-wall gathers all the best tools social media have to offer within one single multi-purpose platform. As a result, interaction with content is incomparably better than with traditional newsletters and intranets. Co-workers can now communicate more efficiently thanks to a seamless flow of relevant information.

Your organization chart on steroids

With idloom-wall, wasting countless minutes searching for co-workers’ contact informations becomes a thing of the past. Finding people is made easy, thanks to advanced search features and a detailed and intuitive organization chart. Get rid of your old address books, never up to date and not adapted to the context of your organization. 

Priority to usability, any place, any time

Flexible, intuitive and cutting-edge, the idloom-wall interface boosts productivity across a wide range of innovative features. idloom-wall is 100% compatible with the screens of tablets and smartphones, allowing you to access the community and its content any place and any time.

Never seen before interconnections

Geographical locations, entities, departments, centers of interests, you name it...! Groups can be created for each purpose thanks to idloom-wall's unique structure!

This results in a tremendous, company-wide boost in interactions between employees who would otherwise never communicate with each other.

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