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Reduce the amount of unwanted emails

Once revolutionary, emails have now become increasingly problematic in many organizations :

  • Submerged by a constant flow of incoming messages, users loose time organizing and managing their mailboxes instead of focussing on value-adding tasks
  • Despite filters and complaints, spam remains present in millions of mailboxes. To the contrary, important mail regularly arrives in anti-spam folders as a result of poor filtering.
  • Hundreds of pointless messages are received everyday. Who has never been copied in a never ending conversation that doesn’t even concern you to begin with ?
  • With e-mails, knowledge is gathered and contained in closed silos. In many cases, it would be better if it were spread more widely across the organization. Information emprisonned in a message is information the organization will not be able to classify and archive ; information that will not be transmitted and built upon in the future.

With idloom-wall, information travels in a more intelligent and targeted manner, reducing the number of superfluous messages exchanged within your organization while following every single confidentiality rule in place.


Intranets are under-used

Intranets remain static tools where communication often is a one-way street, as it is in the hands of a few, typically management and HR. The result : co-workers rarely use it and, as a consequence, intranets automatically send out emails to notify members of new posts… which aggravates the first observation here-above.

With idloom-wall, the intranet becomes a productivity tool that teams use each day to complete their tasks and work together in a simpler and more efficient manner.

Each member can decide the frequency with which he/she will be notified (or not) of newly-posted information in particular groups.

Social networks, allies and ennemies of organizations

Social media are now part of daily life for millions of people, whether they’re at home or behind their desks at work. As a consequence, many organizations have created their own social media pages and private groups where co-workers can connect and interact.

Unfortunately, social networks are also a source of mass distraction that blends private and professional lives. In addition, these platforms do not offer professional solutions to store and organize information permanently.

With idloom-wall, your organization enjoys the power of all social media tools while evolving in a 100% secure and professional environment. Profiles, walls, groups, shares, comments, "likes": all these features are modular and fully usable by your organization, without suffering from the loss of control and productivity inherent to public networks.

Knowledge management: a critical challenge

In an economy dominated by information, the management of expertise and knowledge has become a major issue for any organization, across industries and sectors. As a state-of-the-art collaborative platform, idloom-wall meets the challenge by applying two simple but highly effective principles :

  • Whatever the mission or status of the employee, information is easily accessible to him. In a few clicks, a user can find all the available information on a given theme or a past project, be it a document, a conversation or presentation. Of course, it is always possible to restrict access to confidential data.
  • Through this dynamic knowledge management features, content no longer falls into oblivion and remains available to those who need it, when they need it. This more efficient data archiving allows users to easily leverage the experience accumulated by other colleagues, even those who have left the company several years ago. Organizations create themselves a genuine collective memory and give a new role to their archives, which sometimes contain real untapped treasures. Integration with pre-existing filing systems is of course possible (Google Drive, Microsoft, etc.) and is completely secure and flexible, in line with your specific confidentiality policies.

The social intranet to empower your organization