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From event creation to check-in

idloom-events provides all the features necessary for the seamless organization of an event: creation of a dedicated event website, guest registration management, payment processing, automatic invoicing, badge creation, monitoring, check-in, etc.

An "all in one" solution for businesses of all sizes, idloom-event was built with the largest client in mind to ensure that we have all the complex features you will ever need.  No matter what type of Event you are planning, idloom-events will be able to handle it all. Our software lets you focus on the only goal that really matters; making your event a success!

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Simplify online registrations and payments

No matter the size or type of the Event being organized, managing registrations, payments, and invoicing is typically a daunting task. But not any more!

idloom-events is the assistant of your dreams! Creation of a dedicated multi-tab event website, personalized forms, definition of prices and various registration options, easy collection of payments, automatic invoice generation, badge creation, you name it - we have it!

Offer your guests a complete professional experience, in line with your companies quality and image, while making life easier for you; the event organizer!

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Dedicated event website for optimal promotion

The idloom-events platform automatically generates a dedicated website for your event, and organizes key sections of information to help upcoming attendees understand all the ins and outs of it before attending.

With our platform, you can upload beautiful images, videos and logos; as well as input custom text. You can describe your Event in detail, opt to list Sponsors or Partners holding the Event with you, introduce the Events exciting Speakers or Guests, as well as list your program & itinerary details, ticket pricing & package options! In fact, any pertinent information you can think of, can easily (and beautifully) be displayed on your Event Website!  If you can dream it, idloom-events can quickly help you build it.  

Our simplicity allows for optimal Event Promotion and Marketing!

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Pricing plans based on your actual needs

Event organizers often work on tight budgets and have no margin for superfluous costs. idloom-events offers various monthly Price Plans that vary according to the number of features and simultaneous events you're creating.

Unlike many other Event Management Systems, we don't make extra money on the side.  What do we mean by that?  Some Event Management Systems take a flat rate fee for each Guest that registers for your Event; or even a percentage of all your Event Ticket Sales!  That doesn't seem fair does it?  We don't think so either.

You won't find any hidden development, maintenance or hosting fees either; the idloom team manages and updates the software on your behalf.

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idloom-events awarded in the Capterra International Top 10 Best Event Management Software Rankings!

We placed #1 in the world's Top 20 Most User-Friendly Event Management Software Products Ranking by Capterra (a Gartner company) – out of over 400 candidates tested!

In 2017, we placed respectively 4th and 7th in the Top 20 Most Affordable and Most User-Friendly Event Management Software Rankings.

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Use idloom-events any where, any time

Flexible, intuitive, and cutting edge, the idloom-events interface boosts productivity across a wide range of innovative features. idloom-events is also 100% compatible with tablets and smartphones, allowing you to go behind the scenes of your Event, any where, any time.

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