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idloom-events for corporate trainings
Use case for corporate trainings You’re an organization managing trainings and courses on a regular basis? This is how will help you!

Event management software for the most efficient corporate trainings!​

One of the core features of is the ability to seamlessly organize and manage registrations to physical and/or online training sessions and courses.​

Our software is used by organizations of all sizes throughout the world for the efficient management of their educative programs and trainings, across all industries and sectors.​

This page will show you how our clients use our tool to empower their training programs.

Training presentation & promotion​

  • Generate a website with an overview of all your upcoming trainings, with filters per topic, location, type, etc.​
  • Create stunning, mobile-friendly and multilingual event websites for your multiple trainings and programs.​
  • Add sections for teachers/trainers, partners, downloadable documents, information about the venue/location​
  • Automatically share your training sessions on your organization’s website for perfect viewability.​
  •  Seamlessly share your events on your social media channels (optional)

Registration management​

Our clients typically manage multiple and sometimes complex training programs for their clients and partners. Whether recurring training sessions throughout the year or more punctual courses, seamlessly adapts to your needs and lets you build the perfect architecture of sessions for your organization.​

  • Easily generate fully customizable registrations forms and add all the fields you need : company details, memberships and affiliations, etc.​
  • Create the different trainings and sub-sessions, and manage registrations, different price points for different types of participants, early bird pricing, discount coupons, subscription plans, etc.​
  • Link each agenda item to locations and time slots, so that participants can seamlessly add the sessions to their calendars (in the right time zone!) and be reminded on time before any session begins​
  • Send out automatic fully-branded confirmation emails with the summary of the registration, a QR code for easy check-in, as well as all the information you wish to attach to the emails such as pdf documents, additional information, presentation and course material, etc. The content of the automatic emails differs based on the registration category (member, non-member) as well as the sessions chosen!

Payments and ROI monitoring​

  • Easily collect secured online payments with your favorite payment gateway (no commission on transactions!)​
  • Automatically manage unprocessed or failed payments​
  • Automatically generate invoices and credit notes​
  • Let registrants modify their registrations if needed so that you don’t have to be in contact with them for repetitive, non-value-adding tasks (optional)​
  • Open waiting lists for sold-out sessions and trainings.​
  • A comprehensive statistics dashboard that allows you to monitor your registrations.

Online trainings/sessions​

Organize and collect registrations to online trainings. Access to the online classrooms is secured and handled by idloom, only registered and confirmed attendants will be able to participate.​

Participants’ time zones are automatically handled, and linked to the online rooms are added automatically to the participants’ calendars.

Communicate and manage check-ins​

Once registered, lets you easily communicate with your participants by sending them email campaigns that can be individualized and tailored to your various participant categories and agenda items registered for.​

Reminders, additional information, presentations and documents, agenda changes, etc. can be seamlessly sent to your guest list.​

After your event, the system allows you to easily send out surveys and any type of communications.​

On-site, seamlessly check in your attendees by scanning their QR codes (or by entering their names) with our proprietary check-in system, available on any mobile device. Organize check-ins for each sub-event or sessions.​

Keep track of who attended which part of your event in real time from your idloom backend and collect statistics.​

Online training check-in is also handled automatically.

Certificates of attendance​

Automatically generate and send out attendance certificates to your participants based on the trainings completed or credits earned.​

Certificates can be generated based on the attendance data collected at check in, whether physical or online (e-certification).​

Of course, all your event data can be analyzed in your backend and exported anytime in the format of your choice.​ automates all the time-consuming tasks of managing your trainings and courses. You can now focus on the one thing that truly matters: concentrate on the content!​

Relax! we will do everything for you!

Don’t take our word for it – here’s an example of an event website to which you can actually register and test the process for yourself.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or a live demo.

Examples of clients using our system in this manner can be provided to you upon request.