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Your community intra-extranet on steroids

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  • Content

    Easily organize, archive and share documents, notebooks, articles…

  • Information 

    Post news, articles, thoughts in private or public groups.

  • Media

    Share photos and videos within groups.

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Communication is key

  • Automated newsletters

    Automate the creation and sending of newsletters and digest emails with curated content.

  • Notifications

    Make sure your entire community or organization sees your latest news by notifying them per email.

  • Promote posts

    Make important information stand out by pinning it at the top of each user’s main wall.


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Engage with you community

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Knowledge at your fingertips

  • Knowledge management

    Archive, group, file and order unlimited documents and files of all kinds, with specific access rights.

  • Instant search

    Search for any document’s or files’ title or even content and find what you’re looking for in seconds.

  • Future-proof safekeeping

    Guarantee access to content and knowledge for future members or employees.

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Share, post & chat with your community

  • Organigram

    Access your entire community members’ profiles from the who’s who section.

  • Messaging

    Send instant messages to members or create group chats.

  • Wall posts

    Post content in private or public posts, tag people, comment, like…

  • Events

    Organize and host events and virtual meetings.

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Because security comes first

  • Custom group access

    Create public, private and even secret groups and communities.

  • Rights and roles

    Define who has access to what type of both features and content.

  • Data privacy

    Guarantee your members and users the highest industry standards of privacy and security.

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