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A full range of tools to empower your intranet.

Group videoconference

In each group, private online meeting rooms are available for all group members to organize online meetings with their teams, co-workers, clients, etc.

Easily share your screen, content, chat via messages with the participants, and make your online meetings as effective as ever!

The meeting rooms can hold up to 100 participants and are fully secure.

Deploy countless communities

With idloom-wall, you can create user groups for each department of your organization (sales, marketing, HR,…), but also for each geographical site, each project, even each interest or hobby… you name it !

In each group, users can exchange notes and files, and access all information from any device (mobile, tablet,…). This way, productivity is boosted and everyone can choose how to use the tool depending on their needs and the tasks at hand. idloom-wall offers a 100% taylor-made experience !

Are you anxious about data confidentiality ? No worries ! Access to each group can be limited as you desire, from public, to limited to certain individuals only, to completely secret. You define freely the level of confidentiality and ease of access of each and every information on your network ! 

Follow your wall, like you would on any social media

You can view and access all the latest activites and informations from the groups you belong to via a personalized and interactive wall. As in typical social media, you can like, share, comment, download files, launch videos,…

Your wall is also an amazing productivity tool. Selected informations can be highlighted until the user marks them as read, so that important information never goes missing or unnoticed again. Say goodbye to overflowing mailboxes when you get back from your holiday : with idloom-wall, information is prioritized automatically according to your preferences.

In additon to the main wall, each group features its own where you can visualize group-specific files, notes, events,…that were created specifically for this group by its members.

Group wall

Each individual group contains multiple informations, media, files, notebooks, events, etc...

All these are beautifully displayed in the form of a wall accessible directly from the group's homepage.

Share multimedia files in a few clicks

Organisations nowadays share an increasing volume of image and video files : end of year dinner photos, tutorials, filmed messages from the CEO, the list is long…

With idloom-wall, you can share all the media you want with everyone but also with limited, targeted audiences, depending on the privacy settings you choose.

Easily organize your files

idloom-wall allows you to store, share, and classify all types of files. Each item features a description, the author, its versioning history, as well as all the likes and comments associated to each version.

Gather your thoughts and ideas in notebooks

Inspired by wikis, notebooks allow multiple co-workers to contribute simultaniously to the same content. Because all modifications’ details are kept in history, you can easily identify the changes in any notebook.

Easily create company or group events

Each individual group can create its own events or webinars with all useful event management tools : event description, date, venue, participant invitation, attendance confirmation,…

idloom-wall takes care of all time-consuming tasks for you.

Spread information on any digital channel

Nowadays, the diffusion of information across multiple channels (blogs, social media, newsletters,…) constitutes a challenge for any organisation. With idloom-wall, there are plenty of ways you can choose from to automatically broadcast information. For instance :

  • Synchronize the publishing of an article on your public blog and in your intranet 
  • Add content to your website and increase your social media presence thanks to RSS and JSON feeds generated by idloom-wall
  • Ask idloom-wall to collect new publications across social media (Twitter, Facebook,…) and to consolidate them in a group of your choosing.

Detailed list of features:

  • Walls and group Walls
  • Unlimited Groups & countless communities
  • Advanced privacy settings
  • Multimedia sharing
  • File organizing
  • Notebooks
  • Event organization
  • Information sharing
  • Knowledge management
  • ....

The social intranet to empower your organization