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idloom.passport works in perfect sync with your account and offers the following additional features, both for you as an organizer as for your attendees and trainees…


  • Certificates of attendance

    Generate certificates based on the attendance to an event or training, on site or online.

  • Credits earned

    Manage continuous education programs by linking credits to attended events, trainings, and passed examinations.

  • Diplomas

    Generate diplomas for your trainees and students based on passed courses.

  • Renewal management

    Get alerts and calls to action when certificates are up for renewal.

  • Templates

    Create and manage multiple certification processes at once.

Certification feature illustration

Learning Management System

  • Create courses and trainings from scratch

    Easily create modules, tracks, complete training programs using images, video, text, and any combination of content.

  • Upload existing training packages

    Already have your trainings in place? Using SCORM? Not a problem: simply upload them to the platform and run it all from there.

  • Follow courses online

    Give your participants access to a complete learning management system where they can follow entire courses and programs.

  • Multi-level trainings

    Create training paths to follow, with any combination of levels to unlock.

  • Online examinations

    Whether your courses are on site or online, create surveys, quizzes, questionnaires and examinations to pass online, set your rules of completion and timing for answering or retaking the tests.

Learning Management System feature illustration

Contact Management

  • Complete database of contacts

    Manage all your attendees, course participants, and any uploaded contacts.

  • Clever segmentation

    Segment your databases by event attendance, past registration preferences, sessions attended, trainings and courses followed…

  • Emailing

    Create and manage emailing campaigns across several segments of events and trainings, with multiple templates and sending rules.

Contact Management feature illustration

User Profiles

  • A profile for each participant

    Registrants can create their own profiles, where they’ll find all information about their participation history, access their online courses and examinations, and see and download their certificates.

  • Fully branded user environment

    Offer your attendees a fully white-labeled, branded with your logo and colors online portal.

User Profiles  feature illustration

Mobile App

Mobile App feature illustration


  • Authentication of certificates

    Each certificate issued with the platform is unique and can be scanned with any device to confirm its legitimacy.

  • Highest privacy standards

    Just like with, meets the highest industry standards when it comes to privacy and data security.

Security feature illustration

We thought of everything you might need


  • A robust contact management system
    • A personalized view of all interactions, registration details, participation history, etc.
    • Segmentation and communication tools based on individual registration details.
  • A dedicated emailing tool
    • Send out invitation emails.
    • Create specific segments of attendees (based on multiple criteria and filters).
    • Schedule emailing campaigns (i.e. marketing campaigns targeted at events participants).
    • Send post-event questionnaires and surveys.
  • A complete LMS (Learning Management System)

    Create and manage online courses and trainings.

  • A certification management system

    To generate certificates based on event attendance, online trainings completed, credits earned.

  • A mobile app

    Deliver on-site event information (agendas, information, etc.) and push notifications to participants.

Passport for Organisers feature illustration

User-friendly & Intuitive Platform

  • Easy sign in/registration 

    Quickly sign in/register to any event or training using personal profile information.

  • Access to a complete portal 
    • Attended events/ followed courses history and details.
    • Certificates section to manage and download certificates and credits earned.
    • Suggestions of other events to attend and courses to follow (optional).
  • A mobile app 

    All relevant event information for all events registered for...

    • Speakers
    • Personalized agenda
    • Program
    • Chat and networking
    • Event and networking alerts and updates.
Passport for Attendees feature illustration