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Hybrid certification & learning software

Take your events management journey to the next level

Certification – Training & Examination – Emailing

Link certificates to events’ or courses’ participation, create complete online training modules and programs, organize online quizzes and examinations…

Give your community of attendees or trainees access to a personalized portal gathering all their information, event and course participation, certifications…

The add-on allows you to manage your certification and training programs from A to Z and to work on your database of contacts by segmenting them, creating email campaigns, and much more!



idloom.passport in a nutshell....



Create and manage certificates of attendance, exam completion, credits earned.

Learning management system

Create complete courses, modules, programmes as well as online exams and questionnaires with an innovative and intuitive LMS.


Segment your database and customize email communications.

Hybrid education 

Easily juggle with online, classroom, and hybrid learning and certification.

Attendee portal and mobile app 

Give your attendees or course participants access to a dedicated online portal and mobile app.


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