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idloom & BMW: A Long-Standing Partnership for Event Success An interview with Alexander Karsai at BMW Group reveals how idloom has revolutionised event management and lead generation for the leading car manufacturer.

As one of idloom's longest-standing clients, we were keen to explore how leading car manufacturer BMW uses our platform to increase the effectiveness of their events and, ultimately, improve the customer experience. We interviewed Alexander Karsai, Customer Interaction Manager at BMW Group, to hear his experience with idloom and how it's revolutionised their events.

What key challenges were you experiencing before partnering with idloom? What effect did these challenges have on your events?

Alexander: "Dealers would have to rely on the web development team to create forms every time they wanted to organise something. It was very time-consuming, and we didn't have the resources to create forms at scale because they would have to go through the web development team, who already had different priorities."

What were your requirements for building an events platform?

Alexander: The main requirement was ease of use. We're not web developers, so we needed anyone to be able to use it. Stability and reliability were also very important, which we have had some issues with in the past and sometimes still. Luckily, they're mostly resolved very quickly. Integrations were key too, as we use a lot of different apps and databases, including payment systems. Then we also needed a platform that conformed with our corporate identity guidelines, so we could continue to use our logo and specific fonts. idloom is easy to use, integrates with our systems, and allows us to use our own branding. We can also control access rights easily, and the platform is very intuitive."

What specific features or characteristics compelled you to adopt idloom?

Alexander: "idloom was already adopted when I joined BMW, but I can tell you why we decided to extend our partnership. We'd put a lot of work into the integrations that we had between both systems, so we didn't want to lose that. Also, the versatility of the platform and the partnership we have with idloom [were important], because they listen to our feedback and our needs. There are a lot of things that have changed in the last two years due to our feedback, so they're very responsive and I think that's incredibly important for our partnership."

How do you use idloom across your organisation? What features enable you to increase success?

Alexander: "We use idloom for creating and managing events in general, but we also use [it] for a whole host of other things. For example, forms and lead generation for events on-site including product information, test drives, and requests for offers for specific vehicles. idloom makes it possible for us to create these different types of pages and forms quickly, and adapt them very quickly. It's a very agile way of working, all within the reach of one person internally. So we don't need to rely on the web teams to develop web forms for a specific vehicle. We can all do it very locally within a few minutes. It's also integrated directly with our CRM systems, which makes everything run very smoothly."

Can you provide an example of how idloom met your requirements for building a platform?

Alexander: "The complex voucher system we use is one example. We wanted to scale our voucher capabilities so that pages all communicate with one another on a larger scale and still know when a voucher code is being used. Our contact at idloom was very responsive and advised us of what was possible. They also challenge our ideas with alternatives, like with form conditions, and I think that's very important that they think together with us about what our business purpose is."

Do you have any specific success stories you can share about how idloom provided measurable improvements?

Alexander: "For the stand we had at the Brussels Motor Show, all our experts were there with iPads with one single idloom form. It was revolutionary for us to have the form on one single page. It allowed customers to select their brand, and submit requests for information, brochures, or test drives. These requests were sent automatically to the relevant dealerships. We set form conditions based on what brand and request customers selected. For example, some cars are unable to be test-driven. It was linked directly to our Adobe campaign, so leads received brochures automatically. It was all integrated very well and we had over 5,200 leads."

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