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Idloom access roles
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Manage access rights to your account Easily monitor what users can see and edit in your account, your profile(s) and your events.


Manage what users can see and edit on your account

Are several users working on your account? Do you want to give restricted access to your clients or partners, so that they can only see the list of attendees or can only work on one specific event? Do you have staff dedicated to doing check-ins only, while others manage the actual event page?
With permissions module, you can easily manage access rights and permissions for each of your users.

On the left side bar menu, go to Permissions to add users and manage your account(s) permissions by Users and by Profiles.

Add users

Simply add news users in the Users section. Fill in their information and define a password. Users will be able to change their password by clicking on Forgot Password on the login page. Unlimited users can be created within all our pricing plans.

Account access rights

Manage your account access rights (available from Premium subscription) in the Users section and set users as Account admin or Limited access.

  • Account admin can access general account settings, subscription plan and permissions.
  • Limited access can access the event menu and the list of attendees, but none of the account core settings.

Profile role

If users are set as Limited Access in the Account access rights, you can grant them a specific role per Profile (Available for Corporate subscription only).

  • Account admin can access general account settings.
  • Profile admin can access all events and features.
  • Event manager can access and edit all events but cannot edit the Profile settings.
  • Event editor can only edit the event content but cannot edit the list of attendees.
  • Attendee manager can edit the list of attendees and modify attendees status but cannot edit the event content.
  • Event staff prevents the user from modifying events, attendees data and profile settings. They can only view the list of attendees, view the statistics, and manage the check-ins.
  • No access means the profile will be hidden to the users. They won’t have access to anything under this profile and won’t even notice its existence.


In addition to the predefined roles, you can easily create a completely customizable role. Give your role a name and check the boxes corresponding to the permissions you want to enable for it. Once saved, you’ll be able to select this new role for your users.

Event access rights

Define an Event owner and Lock an event in the event Essentials.

  • The Event owner is by default the person who created the event. But each event can have multiple owners. The Event editor, Attendee manager and Event staff roles would not be able to see Event Owners or to modify them, whereas Account and Profile Admins can.
  • Locked Event can only be edited and accessed by Event owners, Account admins, Profile admins and Event managers. Other roles would only see the event in the list of events, but can’t edit or access the list of attendees. Admins, Event owners and Event managers are able to lock and unlock all events to which they have access.


If you have any questions about the above, do not hesitate to contact us directly for further information.


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