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User guide

How to create badges for your guests ? Create, edit, and print out badges for your events

With idloom-events’ state of the art badge editing and printing module, you can create customized badges for your guests yourself !
Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

How it works

  • From the event’s guest list, open the “More actions” menu from the top right corner, and select “Print badges”
  • Select the badge format you desire, click next
  • Name your badge and select “Create”
  • Edit the fields you would like to see displayed
  • Select the background image/logo and the colour
  • Once your badges are created, select “Print badges” from the top right “More actions” menu

Idloom-events will then generate a pdf file containing all the badges adjusted to your specifications.

Creating different badge types for guests of a single event

  • From the badge editing page, select “New badge type” to add as many badge types as you need
  • Configure your different badge types with different colours, backgrounds, fields…
  • To filter guests for each badge type, click on the badge type from the badge list on the left of your screen, click on the blue arrow and select “Filter guests” from the drop-down menu
  • Filter guests for each badge type by category, option, participation type, salutation, or company category
  • Once you’re done, select “Print badges” from the top right “More actions” menu to generate the pdf files containing all badges according to your specifications.

Printing one badge at a time

Late registration or a modification that needs to re-print one badge? Nothing easier:

  • Find the guest in the guest list or using the integrated search engine
  • Select “print guest badge” function from the “more actions” button
  • Print the badge.

The system will go through the different badge types you’ve configured to find the corresponding template and prepare a single badge document. If haven’t configured the badges or if no badge template is configured for the selected guest, the system will return a 404 page not found error. In that case, check your badge configuration or guest details and try again.


All you have left to do is print out the document, cut out and prepare the individual badges, and you’re good to go!

Good luck with your future events !

The Support Team.