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Event-specific CRM features – Attendee management, e-certification, targetted communication, discount management…


Finally a contact management system specifically designed for event professionals

Do you organize ongoing or recurring events, with the same attendees participating year after year or even several times per year? Do you need to keep track of all attendees and access their participation history? Do you send out attendance certificates after your events…? We’ve got you covered!

idloom is happy to introduce “”, a feature-packed contact management system for event professionals empowering attendees and organizers alike!

For organizers:

  • A personalized view of all interactions, registration details, participation history, etc.
  • Segmentation and communication tools based on individual registration specifics
  • A certification management tool to generate certificates based on event attendance or a collection of points per session over a period of time
  • Creation and marketing of “passes” that can be used across several events to get discounts or free tickets

For attendees:

  • Sign-in and management of profiles to automatically fill out registration forms with information on file
  • Access to a fully-branded passport portal with:
    • Attended events’ history and registration details
    • Calendar of registrations, personalized agenda, reminders
    •  Certificates section to manage and download certificates of attendance
    • Possibility to purchase event passes or other products and actions created by the organizer


Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details or a demo !

Good luck with your future events!


The idloom team