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Embed registration forms on your website new feature
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Embed registration forms on your website You can now embed registration forms directly into a page on your site or CMS.

Embed events registration forms on your website

Seamlessly integrate the registration form and process created using idloom-events into your own corporate website. Copy paste a code and it’s done! This feature lets you keep your own website and collect registrations directly from it, not forcing visitors to be redirected to a separate page for their registration.

How to integrate the registration form into your website?

From now on, nothing more simple:

  1. Go to the admin interface of idloom-events;
  2. Edit the event for which you want to integrate the registration process into your website;
  3. Click on "More actions > Embed link"
  4. Click on the "copy" button
  5. Edit your site and paste the code into the HTML source of your page.
Embed popup


Idloom-events will automatically integrate the complete registration and payment process into your site.

Available from the Premium price plan. uses required session cookies for security reasons. If you embed your form on your website and your visitor browser is set to block third-party cookies, you may encounter an error message prompting you that your browser is preventing cross-sites' requests and offer you the opportunity to open the registration form in a new window.

This happens when you use different domains for the form and the website you embed it on. e.g., embedding a form hosted on on your website hosted on

The workaround consists in using the same root domain for both the registration form and the website you embed it on. e.g., change to In that case, cookies won't be considered as third party cookies anymore.

Contact your account manager for more details.