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Even more complete and user-friendly In recent months, many new features have been added to new administration interface, new statistical dashboard, grouped ordering of several tickets, grouping of options, etc.


New administration interface

Idloom-events is now easier to use than ever before.

Idloom-events has been recognized as the most ergonomic and user-friendly event management software in the world, according to Capterra (Gartner group). We are certainly very proud of it, but we were convinced that we could still do better, and that's what we did with this new version.

It was even more important that we regularly work on new features based on the demands we receive from our customers, and that we can not just stack them without having a deep reflection on their impact on general application ergonomics.

Concretely, what does it change for you?

We have simplified navigation, screens and context menus. You now have a menu to navigate through the different screens of your event and a context menu with the actions available for each of them. The buttons and screens have been redesigned while retaining the existing organization of information to which you are accustomed. No worries, it's the same application, only better!

Statistical Dashboard

For each event, visually follow the registrations, the management of the various stocks of options or hotel rooms, and of course the payments.

In collaboration with our customers, we have developed a new statistical and reporting dashboard containing, for each event, all the information essential to monitoring the progress of registrations, number of items sold, turnover achieved; stock availability of categories, options and hotel rooms; use of discount coupons; tracking payments, etc.

Option groups

You can now create several groups of options and make them exclusive to each other.

This feature, which was often requested from us and was previously offered as a custom development, is now available as standard from your event management interface. You can now create groups of options and choose to display them as a checkbox (several possible choices) or turn them into a radio button (ticking one automatically unchecks the other options in the group).


Offer bulk purchases of multiple seats / tickets at one time.

Although originally dedicated to the organization of professional events and conferences, and the management of this type of event requires that each registration is individual, we decided to offer you the opportunity to offer the purchase of several places in one single registration.

For each category and option, you define the maximum quantity that can be ordered in a single transaction. The guests can then print their confirmation email as many times as they have tickets and distribute them. At the time of ckeck-in, the application will tell you the number of entries already used to access the event and how many are left.

Custom developments

Even more flexibility in customizing your events.

Idloom-events is not just SaaS software. It offers great flexibility in terms of customization: from the creation of templates with specific colors and fonts, custom themes with a unique interface for the event website and the registration process, up to the development of specific features such as the validation of registrations via your CRM, etc.

The development of this kind of custom features has been further simplified. It does not change much for you, but it's always good to know that this kind of intervention is now cheaper and even faster than before!