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Alternatives to event cancellation in the context of COVID-19
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Coronavirus - Cancelling your event is not the only way Alternatives to event cancellation in the context of COVID-19


Before cancelling your event, consider these 4 solutions and make the best of the situation

In light of the current developments of COVID-19, it is more than ever important not to succumb to fear. Yes, the situation is worrisome, there’s no denying that. But before cancelling your event outright, why not consider an alternative solution ?

Here are 4 solutions and ideas to ensure your events are not cancelled but stay germ-free !

  1. Postpone – the situation changes rapidly. If possible from an organizational standpoint, why not simply postpone your event to a later date?
    Tip: idloom offers an insurance system for this scenario! More info
  2. Make it a webinar – if you can’t meet in person, why not make use of technology to host virtual meetings? Participants can still register online as they would with a live event, only without taking any risks.
  3. Live stream – even presentations and speeches can be done with technology nowadays. In place of a live session in a room, have your speakers give their presentations on a livestream platform. Again, participants can register as they would for any other meeting.
    This solution even has the added advantage of lowering costs!
  4. Set up a collaborative platform – webinars and live streams are a good alternative to presentations and meetings, but let’s face it, people attend events also to engage with others. With that in mind, why not create an online platform? Attendees would be able to connect and interact within your event’s own virtual community. Even better, they’d keep an online environment for further connections even long after your event is over!
    Tip: why not consider our social intranet, idloom-wall ?

By no means do we want to undermine the current situation. It’s just that in such times, we believe in resilience and in finding the best way to navigate these rocky waters !

If you want to find out more about our solutions or get some free advice, or simply to grab a (virtual) cup of coffee with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch at


Take care !

The idloom Team