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Idloom is happy to announce its compatibility with Zapier, allowing you to connect your favorite event management software to over 1,000+ third party apps.

Need to integrate your event guest list into your favorite CRM? To send emails to your registrants via your own mailing software? To generate invoices with your specific invoicing tool…?

The new idloom-Zapier integration lets you do all that and much more, in just a few clicks ! Stick with the tools that work for you, and let them work seamlessly with idloom-events.

Zapier integration is now available to all idloom-events customers, starting from the Light subscription plan. No set up required, connect idloom-events seamlessly to your Zapier account, and let it work for you. More information at www.zapier.com

Feel free to reach out to us at info@idloom.com for any assistance or additional informations,

Good luck with your future events!

The idloom-events Team

Zapier integration FAQ

Zapier returns "We hit an error adding your new account"

idloom-events may return errors to Zapier in some specific cases and Zapier returns them to you. Read them attentively, they are usually self-explanatory.


Errors and workaround:

  • “Error: no guest available for that account”: To create your zap and activate it, Zapier needs to receive a sample data set. To do so, idloom-events returns the last guest who registered to your events. This message means that you don’t have any yet.
    Workaround: just register yourself to any of your events and try again.
  • “Error: Unknown API key or API access not allowed. Check your settings.”: The API you entered does not exists in this account or you didn't allow API access. 
    Workaround: Check both your API key and account name in your Zapier and/or idloom-events settings, and that the Allow API access check-box is checked and try again.
  • “Error: account not found. Check your Account name.”: The account name you entered does not exists. 
    Workaround: Check both your API key and account name in your Zapier and/or idloom-events settings and try again.
  • “Error: bad request”: the requests received by idloom-events is malformed. Contact idloom-events support team for further details and how to solve this.
Can't find idloom-events when choosing a Trigger App

idloom-events' Zapier integration is in 'invite only' mode.

You need to click on this invite link before using it: https://zapier.com/developer/invite/99606/683fbb58ee1c4c5b8c1f943facf59214/

Do I have to allow API access to use Zapier?

Yes, you must check the box allowing access to the APIs of your account / profile to allow Zapier to connect and configure the zaps.

Do not forget to check the automatic sending of registrations to zaps, otherwise the sending of real-time information will not be done.

Once these are configured, you can then disable API access for more security, the zaps will continue to work normally.

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