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How it works

Follow these 5 steps and you're done.

How to get started?

  1. Create your account

    Select the pricing option best suited to your needs. You can either choose to use idloom-wall as an SaaS platform, or choose to install the software on your own premisses and opt for the SDK version of idloom-wall.

  2. Create user profiles

    In just a few clicks, users can create their profiles like they would on their favorite social networks. Upload the pictures you want, edit your personal and professional details,... It is simplefast, and powerful !

  3. Create and join groups

    Start creating groups and add people to them! Groups may be organisation sites, such as New York or Brussels, but also entities or departments like marketing or finance. You can even create groups based on interest, such as tennis or cinema. The sky is the limit !

    Of course, group privacy settings allow you to easily edit who can access each group and its information and who cannot. You can even create secret groups completely invisible to non-members...

  1. Collaborate & connect

    Within each group, you can edit documentsupload mediasharefiles, create eventscommunicate with each other, etc... Each group has its own wall where all the shared information can be easily accessed an reviewed by members.

    Additionally, the global wall lets you access informations shared across all the groups you are a member of, all in one optimised space for greater convenience.

  2. Empower your organization

    Share documents between colleagues of a same department, upload annual event photos, create corporate events, collaborate with different group entities or even geographical locations,...

    Post messages for some or all to see, consult the who's who to see how your organisation is structured, etc, etc... all in a state-of-the-art beautiful and easy to use platform.

    idloom-wall is enjoyable to use and easy to set up, and allows you to interconnect at a never-seen-before level throughout your entire organisation !

Frequently Asked Questions

How does idloom-wall differ from the other event organisation platforms?

idloom-wall is unique by its ease of use, its versatility, and its high adoption rate. Working with groups and using walls, posts, profiles, etc. makes it very easy and enjoyable to use. idloom-wall combines the rigorousness of corporate intranets with the power of social media tools.

Who are your main clients?

idloom-wall is used by a wide range of organisations in several European countries. From big companies to associations and SME, idloom users are active in all sectors of the economy.

How do I use idloom-wall?

There are two ways to use idloom-wall. The first option is to use it as a SaaS software, accessible through our secure website after having subscribed to one of our price plans. The second option is to install the software on your own servers via our software licensing offering.

How long does it take to install the tool?

You can start setting up your account right after having subscribed to one of our price plans.

Can I customise idloom to align it graphically with my branding, logo etc.?

Yes, idloom-wall offers many customisation options that require no knowledge of HTML.

In case of problems, is there a customer support?

Of course! The idloom-wall team is at your service every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CET to answer your questions.

What other services are offered by idloom?

Email-Marketing, Community Management, Display Advertising, Website Creations & Optimisations: the sky is the limit! Contact-us for further information about all the services offered by idloom: info@idloom.com.

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