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User guide

How to create custom badges Unlimited badge dimensions, layouts, designs... Set up different event badges per type of attendee or per attended sessions, with unlimited personnalisation possibilities. At check in, hit print on the idloom app and voilà !


Custom badge layouts

Create and customize designs for any badges that you would like to use at your onsite event. These designs are available for pre-printing, meaning they can be exported as files that can be printed through a vendor of your choice. 

Start by navigating to the account section in the left side bar menu. By clicking on the green button ‘+new badge layout’ you will be able to create your custom badge layouts (page size, badges per page, badge size, page rotation…). Creation of clip badge layouts

  • Enter your paper size (page width & height)
  • Add number of columns & rows to define how many badges will be printed on your page
  • Set up margins according to your printing needs

clip-badge-2.pngOnce the layout(s) is created and set up as you wish, you can design your badges per event.

Badge designer

Badge designs can be created from our new custom badge module available in the backend of your on-site event (Edit event > General > Badges).

Add a new clip badge design

Click on the green ‘+ New Badge’ button and select one of the badge layouts available to you.

Fill in the badge name as this will be helpful to differentiate the different types of badges you are creating for different attendee types.

In the badge designer you will find a series of options to customize your badges:Badge creation tools

  • Text block to include texts or variables (Event name, Category name, First name etc.).
  • Images (as background or not) for your badge design
  • Shapes: squares, circles, triangles or lines
  • Define the information linked to your QR codes to support onsite check-in
  • Additional options to customize the items added on the badge (alignment, Arrange, item color, Line color etc.)
  • Duplicating options

Example of customized badge

Choose who the badge design should apply to by configuring a segment – set this up to apply to all people, Specific people based on form fields and values, participation types / categories, options, or tags.

Segment creations

Event badge printing and Check-in

Once you are happy with the design and your badge applies to the correct segment of people, click on the print badge option on the left menu to see the result of the badge and the printing options.

After reviewing and saving your design, select the Download PDF button to export the pdf that you will use with your printing vendor.

During check-in of your attendees, a print badge button appears for each attendee. Simply click on this button to print the attendee’s badge.

Print badge during check-in

If you have any questions about the above, do not hesitate to contact us directly for further information.


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