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idloom-events for Education
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Event management software for education ​You’re a school, college or university organizing events regularly? This is how will revolutionize your event management processes​.

The most powerful event management software for education!

As a result of years of close collaboration with universities and colleges throughout the world, idloom has crafted education-specific features truly empowering the world of educational events.​

Instructional events, online exams, graduation ceremonies, parents-teachers events… idloom lets you easily set up and manage any type of event in the most efficient and easy way imaginable!

Wide range of event types – offline and online​

A wide range of events, courses, meetings, gatherings’ types can be organized with the tool: simple graduation ceremonies, but also weekly lessons and courses, or even continuous education programs for alumni, on-site or online.​

  • Create all types of event structures: multiple daily or weekly time slots of the same course, yearly ceremonies, recurring sessions, monthly school board meetings, etc.​
  • Have people register for individual classes under various categories, based on their levels and programs, or type of participant​

All events can have a physical location or an online link!

Event promotion​

  • Create a stunning, mobile-friendly and multi-lingual event website​
  • Add sections for teachers, sponsors, exhibitors, downloadable documents, and any other relevant information​
  • Automatically share your events on your organization’s website or on all your social media channels (optional) for perfect viewability

Registration management​

  • Easily generate fully customizable registration forms and add all the fields you need – program details, curriculum, specific requirements, etc.​
  • Create the different events and sub-events, and manage registrations to each, with set quantities, different price points and accesses for students, staff, alumni, etc.​
  • Link each agenda item to locations and time slots, so that participants can seamlessly add the courses to their calendars and be reminded on time before any session begins​
  • Send out automatic fully-branded confirmation emails with the summary of the registration, a QR code for easy check-in, as well as all the information you wish to attach to the emails such as pdf documents, additional information, etc. The content of the automatic emails differs based on the registration category (member, non-member) as well as the sessions chosen!

Control access to your events​

  • Upload lists of students and contacts and define their access possibilities to any of your events (or link with your contact management system or CRM)​
  • Create individualized tracks – allow or deny access to events and courses based on who the person is and what program they’re on​
  • Pre-fill registration forms with the information you have on file​
  • Request access codes for each participant (i.e. student ID number) for all your events.

Communicate with your participants​

Once registered, lets you easily communicate with your participants by sending individualized or tailored email campaigns.​

You can send reminders, additional information, presentations and documents, etc. ​

After your event, the system allows you to easily send out surveys and any type of communication.

Badges and On-site​

  • Create and edit custom badges​
  • Seamlessly check-in your attendees on-site by scanning their QR codes (or by entering their names) with our  check-in system, available on any mobile device​
  • Organize check-ins for each sub-event, course, or session​
  • Keep track of who attended which part of your event in real-time from your idloom backend and collect statistics.​


  • Review attendance statistics and check-ins​
  • Generate and send out custom attendance certificates or graduation documents, credits owned, etc. and keep track of your certificates delivered.​

Empower all your departments​

  • Allow all your departments to organize events independently thanks to a proprietary profile system​
  • Each department has its own branding and custom access rights​
  • A general landing page gives you an overview of all your organization’s events, as well as sub-pages for each of your departments


Ps : All your event data can be analyzed in your backend and exported anytime in the format of your choice.


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