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Paybox integration with Collect your registrants' payments using Paybox payment gateway.

Equip your event website with a secured and recognized payment solution using Paybox.

From basic needs to more complex processing, Paybox secures your e-commerce flows by giving you access to over 30 payment methods.

Paybox accompanies you in your daily life with a payment solution that meets all your needs. With each transaction, you benefit from the advantages of a cross-channel, multi-bank, multi-payment methods and multi-currency platform equipped with fraud management and reporting tools to facilitate the daily management of your business.

3 good reasons to choose Paybox for you:

  1. Your bank account is credited every night. Paybox does not collect your transactions.
  2. A suitable choice of payment method for your business and for your customers.
  3. Flexible collections, reporting and refunds to satisfy your customers and build loyalty.

3 good reasons to choose Paybox for your customers:

  1. Pay with the payment method they prefer.
  2. Convenient debit at the time of shipment, in several installments, by subscription or in 1 click.
  3. Quick refund in case of return.

About is a state-of-the-art event management software specially designed to effortlessly manage the entire process for online, live and hybrid events through the automation of most processes. 

Event organizers can go from idea to creation of a complete multipage, multilingual event website, attendee management, payment processing, badge printing, hotel room booking, invoice generation, on-site check-in, session management, and much more in minutes. 

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