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Create a community of members in which they can securely share content, collaborate on projects, and interact without boundaries.

Engage with your community

Share – Collaborate - Interact

Create a community of members in which they can securely share content, collaborate on projects, and interact without boundaries.

Set up groups where members can share and work on documents, communicate with each other and with you, publish information, share articles and media, organize video conferences and events… all within one personalized platform.

Welcome to the new era of community platforms.


Unparalleled communication

Community-wide posting, automated newsletters, limitless sharing.

Future-proof knowledge management

Organized content, stored documents, indexed search engine.

Multipurpose community platform

Walls, groups, chats, documents, media, video meetings…

Intra-extranet architecture

Differentiated access to content for members or individuals outside your organization.


Guaranteed privacy and security of community and member data to keep your organization safe.

They care enough to drop a review


Great collaboration platform

Our members are using the tool more and more. Compared to last year the use has doubled thanks to new features, improvements Idloom is implementing.



The platform offers a lot of different features (chats, events, videos, albums,...) which are easy to use. They even implement a free video conferencing tool for their clients during Corona times.


The integration was not easy as we had a lot of files and groups to import but with the support of Idloom we managed.

User-friendly, performant and looking great!
We now have a fully integrated system, that is compliant with GDPR. Great service from the idloom team.



Idloom-wall is our intranet and extranet connecting our industry. It is very self-explanatory and our members got switched on with a minimum of effort.


Nothing really, it exceeded our expectations.

Excellent for expertise sharing

After searching for alternatives we found no other solution with such flexibility, fair price and easy relationship with editor.



We use idloom-wall as a hub for sharing regulatory expertise (bank&finance). It offers all options to organize dedicated groups, email the members and create links in the community. Administration is easy and flexible. We can easily manage languages.


We would like to show some content in the login page. It's probably possible to develop it but we miss time to work on it. However idloom-wall often improves with new features and we often got the good suprise that some of our unsaid wishes became possible

Idloom wall as a member area (extranet) of our organization

Member management of communication flows within our organization



The "who's who" directory functionality is the first feature we look for. We particularly appreciate the management of the various discussion groups as well as the newsletter function sent automatically depending on the activity of the groups.


The basis of the software is designed in English. However, an integrated translation tool makes it possible to translate all of the texts and functionalities.