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User guide

Pass URL parameters for form prefill and customization Discover how to use URL parameters to automatically populate registration forms and streamline category and option selections.


The aim of this new feature is to offer better integration with existing intranet/extranet systems or CRM platforms to prefill registration forms and manage what data can be edited in the form.

This feature offers you the opportunity to populate some information directly from parameters passed in the URL. You will for instance be able to prefill the category and the options of a registration.

Getting started

First, create a SKU for the categories and options you would like to prefill. To proceed, edit your items in Tickets > Categories or in Tickets > Options and enter a unique SKU of your choice.

Integration setup

  • Navigate to the Integrations section from the left sidebar menu and click on
    + Add integration.

  • Then, select the Encoded Parameters integration and click Add.

  • Rename your integration, select the profile(s) the integration applies to, and if it needs to be available for new profiles automatically.

  • Then, navigate to Profiles from the left sidebar menu, go to Geeks > Integrations, and Activate the encoded parameters integration in your profile.

  • Generate an Encryption key and an Initialization vector by clicking on the dice button next to the fields. Please note that you will only need the key and vector to encrypt and decrypt data and that it might not be necessary for your use of the feature.

  • Use the simulation to pre-fill information as follows. In this example, we are going to preselect the category (skuc1) and the option (skuo1).

Tip: You can only modify the registration fields and not the ticket quantities or the payment status. We advise you to use unique SKU in your categories and options, otherwise, only the first SKU item will be considered. When a category is set, all other categories are automatically hidden.

  • Once your JSON code is complete, click on Encode JSON and Save. You will then be able to copy the parameter part of the URL.

Registration for the event

Finally, use the registration link to your event and add “?encoded=” followed by the parameters you just copied:

When using the above link, the information contained in the parameters will be applied to the registration.


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