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Top brands and organizations from around the world are using idloom to manage large-scale event programs

Meeting your unique requirements


Keep control over your events

We take pride in presenting a versatile solution that fulfills all your event requirements effortlessly, courtesy of our resilient platform. Acknowledging your expertise in event management, we empower enterprises with unparalleled freedom. Whether you opt for seamless integration of our event platform into your current setup or prefer to construct it entirely, the choice is yours.

Reaching a global audience

We empower you to reach a global audience. With our flexible infrastructure, build different brand identities use personalized domain names and URLs, and create websites and registration forms in multiple languages, ensuring that your events are accessible to everyone, everywhere - all within your corporate account. 


Single Sign On

Implement Single Sign On (SSO) for both your back office and event website, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your organization and users.
Streamline access for your organization and users, whilst providing a sleek and easy experience for attendees.

Forget limits. Embrace flexibility.


Unlimited events & attendees

Organize countless events and register as many attendees as you wish, without any limitations. 


Unlimited users & roles

Grant full access to your entire team, while customizing access rights and roles for each user. 


Limitless scalability

Establish a structure of accounts and sub-accounts to seamlessly integrate with your organization's existing framework.


Consistent value—transparent pricing


Full control over your budget

With idloom's licensing structure, you maintain budget predictability regardless of attendee numbers. Enjoy fixed costs for your events, wether small or large, allowing you to plan and allocate resources confidently. 

 Sub-accounts fee structure

With comprehensive pricing offering multiple sub-accounts, you can customize branding, colors, settings, and user roles for each. This flexibility allows perfect alignment with different aspects of your organization, like tailoring spaces for various locations, departments, teams or projects.

Fortified security. Uncompromized trust.

We understand the importance of safeguarding your attendees' privacy and maintaining trust with both event organizers and participants. That's why we prioritize the highest industry standards for data security and privacy.
We encourage you to discover how we ensure the security of your data.


Own your data

We understand your data is valuable, and ownership remains with you at all times.


Data location control

 In addition to our robust security measures, you have the added benefit of choosing where your event data is hosted – exclusively on Google servers in the EU or exclusively on Google servers in the US – to comply with your specific regional requirements.

Security without borders

Reach a global audience with peace of mind. idloom helps you comply with GDPR regulations.

Download idloom's ISO 27001 Certificate

Connect your favorite apps 

idloom's flexible integration module lets you connect with any third-party software or integrate seamlessly with your existing ecosystem, whether through REST API or webhooks. We ensure your other crucial applications work in perfect harmony. fully integrated with zapier fully integrated with salesforce fully integrated with hubspot fully integrated with mailchimp fully integrated fully integrated with stripe fully integrated with SAP fully integrated with dynamics
5000+ more

Broaden horizons. Simplify daily routines.


Unmatched invoicing capabilities

From creating and sending invoices to tracking payments and managing outstanding balances, our complete invoicing module equips you to efficiently handle your finances. With branded invoice templates and automated reminders, staying on top of payments is a breeze - your finance team will love it. 

Automating taxes

Planning events shouldn't be overshadowed by tax complexities. We take the guesswork out of tax calculations. Simply provide your event details, and our system automatically applies the correct tax rate. Trust issues? You of course keep full control over the applied rates at any time. 

International participants

Our tax rules automatically adjust rates based on the event's location, organizer's tax number, attendee provenance, tax identification number...

Tax rates per item

Gala dinners, online events, onsite conferences, hotel nights... assign different tax rates for each type of participation or purchase. 

All your events at a glance

Managing large-scale event programs? Tired of updating countless event pages?

Discover our Catalog: an all-in-one promotion feature to display all your events in one place. Keep full control over your display with unlimited customization options. 

Multi-step registrations

idloom’s introduces a dynamic approach to event registration, allowing organizers to break down the process into multiple stages. This proves invaluable in situations where a preliminary evaluation is required, such as reviewing applications before confirming registrations. With idloom, planners can seamlessly navigate this multi-step flow, ensuring a tailored experience for both applicants and administrators.

Get the support you deserve

Prioritize what counts - Leave the rest to us. Our committed in-house support team equips you with the know-how and assistance you require. Whether it's setting up events seamlessly or resolving issues expertly, our dedicated event specialists are here to guarantee your success.


In-house support

Count on our team of event professionals, rigorously trained to support you.

Collaborative approach

Prepare to be challenged as we thoroughly examine and refine your current methods and approaches - together every step of the way.

Project management

Streamline your process and achieve your goals with a dedicated project manager by your side.

Top-to-bottom expertise

Depending on your goals, we'll leverage the appropriate expertise to turn your ambitions into reality.

Because our clients love us

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