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New season, new features This fall comes with a bunch of new features in your favorite event management software !

This fall comes with a bunch of new features in your favorite event management software !

At idloom, we spend a lot of time and effort improving our existing offering to make sure we remain the best and most complete event management software out there. We release updates every month, and give all our customers access to them instantly !

We’re glad to announce that you are now able to:

  • Collect pre-registrations / prospects prior to the registration period, and notify them once registrations open
  • Allow guests to modify their registrations themselves directly from the website
  • Drag and drop categories and menu items in the backend
  • Apply options to one or multiple categories, for even more customization options
  • Restrict your registrations with a passcode, to allow for more privacy in your events
  • Prefill registration form fields with your guests’ information, for a smoother registration experience
  • Import guests directly into the guest list
  • Create new types of badges, to allow for more customization
  • Add new additional pages with different templates to your event website
  • Add a list of attendees, with job title and company, to your event website to show everyone who’s attending
  • Choose among multiple colour templates for your event website
  • Configure early bird pricing for options
  • Send confirmation emails to a selection of attendees at once
  • Add speakers’ descriptions to the programme page, directly in the text, preventing registrants from switching pages to check out speakers’ bios when reviewing the programme
  • Display a modified QR code on e-tickets for checkin with third party systems
  • Access a JSON list of attendees
  • Enter different invoicing details than your company’s general information
  •  …

In addition, we have totally revamped and improved our invoicing system! You can now seamlessly generate proformas, invoices, and credit notes for your guests, and set up advanced tax settings to make sure you comply with even the most complex tax legislations. The invocing system automatically adjusts to all modifications you or your guests make on registrations.

Feel free to reach out to us at for any assistance or additional informations. Check out our sample event at .

Enjoy your future events !


The idloom-events Team