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User guide

Master event program creation with the new Program Builder Unleash your creativity and discover endless possibilities

With this groundbreaking feature, you can now build your entire event program with ease and flexibility. Whether you prefer to start from scratch or generate it from existing sessions in the backend, this feature empowers you to create a program that perfectly aligns with your vision and requirements. 

Getting started 

Navigate to Content > Website > Additional pages > Add page and click Program to create your program. 

Start by defining the title and the URL slug for the page and click Save to access the Program Builder. Just as for other additional pages, a specific cover image can be uploaded, a description can be added, and you now also have the possibility to display the program on the homepage of your event website.

The program builder gives you the ability to effortlessly design your program. Create tracks and seamlessly drag and drop sessions from the left panel onto them. You can add, remove, reorder, or duplicate tracks and sessions and include as many as needed. Use the 3-dots button to edit, duplicate, or delete your tracks and your sessions. 

On the website, registrants will have the ability to navigate between tracks, enabling them to explore and engage with the diverse offerings of the program. 

Create tracks 

Tracks are the first layer to build your program. You can create tracks using various dimensions, such as date, location audience, or any other relevant categorization that helps to organize your program seamlessly and effectively. 

Start by defining a title and a description (if necessary). Depending on the features activated on your event, you have the choice to build your customized track from scratch or import existing sessions from a specific date or category. No matter which option you choose, you will be able to add, remove, and reorder sessions on your track at any time. 

 Customize your session's time format by choosing from three options. Select between displaying a long or short date format or opt for a time-only format. The time format is automatically adjusted based on the regional settings selected in General > Essentials > Regional settings.


In addition to Existing sessions, you have two other fields to help you build your program: Blank Sessions and Content. They give you the flexibility to design your program exactly the way you want it. 

Blank sessions

With blank sessions, you can create sessions directly on your program page. Blank sessions are not associated with any categories, options, or groups in the Tickets section (unlike Existing sessions). 

Simply add a title and a description using the text editor. You can also include a start date and an end date to provide a clear timeframe for your session. 

If you have designated speakers for your session, you can easily link them. By doing so, their name and picture will be displayed on your program, providing registrants with valuable information. The speaker icon helps you identify sessions with assigned speakers in the backend.

You also have the option to give your sessions an extra level of visual distinction with color highlights.To give you the utmost flexibility in tailoring your program, none of the fields are mandatory, except for the title. This means you can choose to include as much or as little information as you prefer for each session.


Content fields offer unparalleled flexibility by allowing you to create diverse types of content. Whether it is adding titles, pictures, videos, or any other form of content, this field lets you customize your program and improves the registrant experience. 

Simply add a title and a description using the text editor and use color highlight should you need to create an extra level of visual distinction.

Existing sessions

Existing sessions are sessions that are linked to categories, options, or groups. When you add a category, an option, or a group in the Tickets section, it will automatically be available in the left panel so that you can drag and drop it onto your track(s). You can easily distinguish them by their dedicated colored icons in the backend.

Any changes made to these sessions will automatically be reflected in the associated category, option, or group in the Tickets section. Likewise, any updates made directly in the category, option, or group will be reflected in the existing sessions. Please ensure accuracy and consistency when modifying sessions, categories, options, or groups. 

Existing sessions cannot be directly duplicated in the program, but categories and options can be duplicated in the Tickets section.  

When you drag and drop a group onto a track, you can select if you want to import the group along with the linked sessions or only the group without any sessions.

If you plan to use Existing sessions, we recommend finalizing the setup of your Tickets section before building your program.


Enjoy the power of the Program Builder! 

The team