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User guide

How many paid events can I organise simultaneously? Understanding your subscription and how many events you're entitled to


Choosing the right subscription plan

Idloom-events' subscription plans offer you the opportunity to organise and collect registrations for an unlimited number of free events at the same time, even in the Freemium version. If you organise paid events, and want to collect registration fees using idloom-events, you should consider our Light, Premium or Corporate subscription plans which offer different sets of functions and allow the configuration of paid events, including invoice generation, VAT settings, online payment collection, badge printing, etc. It is also starting with the Light plan that you’re allowed to personalize your branding with your own logo and to create multiple pages on your event website, such as programme, speakers, sponsors, etc.

Light and Premium price plans let you collect registrations for a limited number of paid events at a time, while the Corporate version is unlimited. The Freemium version lets you organise free events only. To choose the appropriate subscription plan, you should consider the period during which you want to collect registrations, which is the period during which your event website will be published and available for your guests to register online. If you organise several events with overlapping registration periods, you should carefully select the appropriate subscription plan allowing you to organise that specific amount of simultaneous paid events.

“You can only have X paid events open for registrations at a time” error message.

If you’re getting this message while configuring your event, it means that you have exceeded the quota of paid events that can collect registrations at the same time. 

Workaround: uncheck the “Published” option of the event or set it up as a “Free event” in the registration step 2 section. Then save your changes to prevent any data loss. 

Solving the problem:

  • Make sure the “Sample event” status is set to “Off-line”. To do this, click on its name and select the “Take off-line” function. When creating your account on idloom-events, this event is automatically created and set as “Registering” for informational purposes.  If you did create a new paid event, they both may be competitors for the registration period.
  • In your event list, check that you don’t have paid events with “Published” or “Registering” status. If you do, you may choose to adapt their “Registering period” to avoid overlapping registration periods.
  • You may also want to update your subscription plan to fit your needs. To do so, click on settings and update your subscription. Your next invoice will be adapted accordingly.

Important information: idloom-events’ subscription plans are created around the number of paid events collecting registrations at the same time. The registering period can be set for each event individually to prevent overlapping periods. If you did not configure this information in your event, the registering period considered is from the event website’s publication date until the start of your event.