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Welcome to the new version of!

The old version of is now terminated, and you will only be able to use the new version from now on.

Here is a list of a few things you might need to update for your events to be fully working:

You have a custom domain?

Can you please ask your IT department to do the following changes to your DNS records?
Let us know once this is done so that we can finalize the configuration on our side too.

DNS record to update:
 @    A       (only if you want the root domain to be redirected as well. E.g.
www  CNAME  (for the www subdomain. E.g.
By default, we always use If you want to use the root domain instead, please inform us.
If you want to configure another subdomain, e.g., simply replace www by events in the above configuration example.

You’re using online payment methods?

You need to update your payment integrations webhook (Endpoint) URL to those in the list below. If your payment method is not mentioned, please change ‘’ into ‘’ in your URL.

  • Authorize.Net:
  • CCV:
  • Elavon US:
  • Ingenico / Worldwide online: Fill in the field "URL of the merchant page" with the registration link to the event (eg: Caution: One URL for each event separated by ";".
  • Stripe:

You’re using API’s?

You need to update the URL’s domain of the API’s calls from ‘’ into ‘’.
You can find more info about idloom’s API, in the instructions here.

If you’re using links (or iframe) to your events or to your landing page

Please make sure to update the links. Every old link which was pointing towards ‘’ should be updated into ‘’.



Should you need any help, please contact your account manager or

The team