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  1. Create your Account

    Select the pricing option best suited to your needs

  2. Create your Event

    In four stages, your Event will be ready to register it's first participants! Event name, start and end date, description of the Event and your agenda...all of the settings seen can be customized. You can also freely define customized fields on your registration form, in order to gather the most relevant information your company specifically wants from it's participants. Is there a fee to attend your Event? Choose the payment methods you accept from Guests:  Credit Card, Stripe, PayPal, Ogone or Bank Transfer. Is your Event free? No problem!  There is no charge for using idloom-events Freemium option!

  3. Publish your Event Website

    Once the parameters of your Event have been configured, idloom-events automatically creates your Event’s Website and Registration Page with a click of a button. Your Event Website has its own unique URL address and can therefore be merged onto your companies website as well.  

  1. Collect Event Registrations

    Behind the scenes, idloom-events collects guest registrations on your behalf and takes care of everything you need from them such as payment, VAT and invoice generation. There is no limit to the number of Guests that can register for your Event either. Plus, you can export your Guest List into a CSV file at any time.

  2. Manage Your Registration List

    idloom-events also helps you manage your Registration List in real time. In just a few clicks, you can view the registration choices made by a participant, check their payment status or automatically create & print their badge.  idloom-events is the perfect tool for organizing any type of event and helps you save a whole lot of time too!

    In fact, each Event you create can be duplicated and then customized again for future needs!  Honestly...we've thought of everything!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does idloom-events differ from other Event Management Systems?

idloom-events is a state-of-the-art events registration platform, designed to help you organize and manage your events effortlessly through the automation of most processes. Compared to competitors, idloom-events offers a higher level of customization to allow for a more professional look and feel, an important factor to most corporate clients. This professional usage combined with price plans taylor-made to our clients needs, make idloom-events unique.  We're also proud of the fact that we don't own your data; you do.  We also don't take a cut of your Event Ticket sales.  We're simple and straightforward.

Who are your main clients?

idloom is used by a wide range of organizations throughout the world.  From big companies to small associations, non-profits and SME, idloom Clients are active in all sectors of the economy.

How do I use idloom-events?

idloom-events is fully accessible through a secure website. No installation and no special configuration is required on your part. The idloom team also manages the maintenance of our application on your behalf, at no additional cost to you.

How long does it take to create an Event?

Once you have signed in and subscribed to one of our Price Plans, (which start at FREE), your account is automatically created and you are all set to create and publish your first Event.

Can I customize idloom-events to align with my companies branding?

Yes, idloom-events offers many customization options to align with your company and/or organizations branding.  While we don't require HTML knowledge to produce such customization, we do support it if it's your preferred markup language.  With idloom-events you can upload your logo, match the colors to your brand, use your own fonts and even integrate the full registration and payment process on your own website.  The possibilities are endless!

How much does idloom-events cost?

Various Price Plans are available and in line with your companies needs.  Don't see something that quite matches your desires?  Ask us!  We're friendly and ready to help!

Can I manage registration fees with idloom-events?

Yes, idloom-events supports multiple payment methods and does not directly charge you any additional fees.  Typical transaction fees are incurred directly from the service you use: Stripe, Ogone or PayPal.

If we have any problems, do you offer customer support?

Of course! The idloom team is at your service any time of the day to answer your questions, well...almost. Technically you can reach someone on our team about 18 hours a day!  With locations throughout the world, someone from our team is almost always available to help you.  Feel free to shoot your Sales Rep an email as well, or give them a call directly.  Customer Support is our #1 priority at idloom.

Can I delete or archive an Event?

You can do both!  Once the Event is over, you can delete or archive it, to reuse at another time (if the Event is recurring).

Can I recover a deleted event?

Yes, idloom-events is able to easily restore a deleted event.

Can I customize my Event's Registration Form?

Yes, you can!  Whatever you can dream up, you can create.  By default you can choose from a list of 30 pre-defined fields that are commonly asked by other Event Organizers.  You can even rename and create up to 6 of your own customized fields.  Need more than that?  Let us know...we're flexible!

Can I set a maximum number of accepted Event Registrations?

Yes, this possibility is one of the many features offered by our tool.

Can I change the guest registration ticket price(s) after launching my Event?

Yes, you can change the guest registration ticket prices, as long as you didn't process any sales yet.  We do this on purpose, to help you avoid mistakes and confusions in the data collected.

Can I cancel an Event, if necessary?

Yes, you can cancel an Event at any time.

Can multiple personnel within our Company access our Companies' idloom-events Account?

Yes!  You can have as many logins to your companies' idloom-events account as you want; no matter which Price Plan you pick.  This allows your Company to have multiple Event Organizers creating/editing a particular Event for you; as well as allowing multiple members of your Company to create different types of Events that they may specifically be in charge of.  

What promotional tools are offered by idloom?

Email Marketing, Community Management, Display Advertising...the sky is the limit! Contact us for further information about all the services offered by idloom at: info@idloom.com

Can I export my Event Guest List?

Yes, you can export it at any time in CSV format.

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