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How to get started?

  1. Create your account

    Select the pricing option best suited to your needs

  2. Create your event

    In four stages, your event is ready to register the first participants. Event name, start date and end date, description of the agenda ... All settings can be customised. You can also freely define the individual fields in the registration form to gather relevant information from participants. Is there a participation fee? Choose the payment method that suits you best (Ogone or bank transfer). Your event is free? Don’t worry, there will be no charging for using idloom-events!

  3. Publish your event website

    Once the parameters of your event have been recorded, idloom-events creates your event’s website and registration page. This page has its own address (URL) and can therefore be merged with the website of your company or your event included in a newsletter, shared via social networks, etc.

  1. Collect registrations

    Behind the scenes, idloom-events collects the registrations on your behalf and takes care of everything, including payment, VAT and invoice generation. There is no limit to the number of participants who can register online. You can export the list of entries in CSV format at any time.

  2. Manage the list of participants

    idloom-events also helps you manage the list of participants in real time. In only a few clicks, you can view the choices made by a participant, check the status of the payment or automatically create their badge ... idloom-events is a perfect tool for organising any type of event and helps you save a whole lot of time.

    To help you save time, each event can be duplicated and then customised again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does idloom-events differ from the other event organisation platforms?

idloom-events is a state-of-the-art events registration platform, designed to help you organise and manage your events effortlessly through the automation of most processes. Compared to competitors, idloom-events offers a higher level of customization to allow for a more professional look and feel, an important factor to most corporate clients. This professional usage combined with price plans taylor-made to our clients needs make idloom-events unique.

Who are your main clients?

idloom is used by a wide range of organisations in several European countries. From big companies to associations and SME, idloom users are active in all sectors of the economy.

How do I use idloom-events?

idloom-events is fully accessible through a secure website. No installation and no special configuration is required on your part. The idloom team also manages the maintenance of the application on your behalf, at no additional cost to you.

How long does it take to install the tool?

Once you have signed in and subscribed to one of our pricing options, your account is automatically created and you are all set to create and publish your first event.

Can I customise idloom to align it graphically with my branding, logo etc.?

Yes, idloom-events offers many customisation options that require no knowledge of HTML.

How much does idloom-events cost?

Discover on our website the various pricing options available in line with your needs.

Can I manage registration fees with idloom-events?

Yes, idloom-events supports payments and does not charge any fee on transactions, except those required by Ogone or Paypal.

In case of problems, is there a customer support?

Of course! The idloom team is at your service every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CET to answer your questions.

Can I delete or archive an event?

Once the event is over, you can delete it or reuse it another time if the event is recurring.

Can I recover a deleted event?

Yes, idloom-events is able to easily restore a deleted event.

Can I customise the registration form?

Yes, you can choose from a list of 30 pre-defined fields that you can rename and create 6 of your own customised fields.

Can I set myself a maximum number of registrations?

Yes, this possibility is one of the many features offered by our tool.

Can I change the registration price after launching the event?

Yes, you can change the prices as long as no registration fee has been recorded.

Can I cancel an event if necessary?

Yes, you can cancel an event at any time.

Can other users access my account?

Yes, this option is available in all pricing options.

What promotional tools are offered by idloom?

Email-Marketing, Community Management, Display Advertising: the sky is the limit! Contact-us for further information about all the services offered by idloom: info@idloom.com.

Can I export the list of participants?

Yes, you can export it at any time in CSV format.

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