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Collect your event registrants’ payments using PayPal payment gateway

Start accepting online payments.

Whether you're looking for a payment gateway or want to add PayPal as an additional payment method on your website, we can help you get set up.

Faster checkout

They don't need to retype their financial details every time they shop.

Accept international payments

Buyers can pay you in more than 25 currencies, from all over the world.

Increase conversion rates

They see the PayPal logo as a sign of trust. 34% of PayPal european online buyers would not have made the purchase if PayPal had not been available*.

About idloom-events

idloom-events is a state-of-the-art events registration platform, designed to help you organise and manage your corporate events (of all kinds: seminars, webinars, etc.) effortlessly through the automation of most processes (multi-page event website creation, attendee management, payment processing, badge printing, hotel room booking, invoice generation, on-site quick check-in, etc.).

The tool allows for substantial savings both in terms of time spared and in terms of costs, while offering professional event management features significantly simplifying the process of organizing an event.

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