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Sold out events? Open waiting lists!

Are you organizing events with multiple sessions/sub-events? Do you find yourself with options that are more successful than others at attracting registrants, to the point that they’re sold out rapidly?

Until now, you couldn’t keep track of how many guests would have liked to register for a fully booked option. Hence you were not able to add quantity/seats to those sessions, and couldn’t tailor your event’s content to the actual desires of your attendees.

With idloom-events’ new Waiting List feature, you can now let your guests choose to be added to specific waiting lists for the options they would have liked to select, but couldn’t !

How it works:

  • The registrants see all sessions/options you created, whether available or already fully booked
  • They can select available options, and/or select the “Add me to waiting list” feature for sold out items
  • When the organizer adds quantity/available seats to the fully booked options, an automatic email is sent out to the waiting list subscribers – “New options have been made available for registration” – with a unique link allowing registrants to modify their registration and select the options they have been wanting, but couldn’t select before !

The entire process is seamless, and eliminates the need for back and forth emailing between organizers and participants !

Focus on the tasks that matter. Let technology do the rest.

Enjoy !


Idloom-events Support Team

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