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VAT settings for your event

Starting from our Light package, idloom-events’ customers have the possibility to organise paid events, and to have guests pay either directly on the platform or via bank transfer. But who says flow of money, says taxes.

This is why we have developed a custom VAT module, allowing you to set up your event in compliance with the most complex tax legislations.

Setting up VAT

From your event’s editing page, in the section “Registration step 2: event categories & options”, select “Paid event”. You will then be able to choose if VAT is applicable or not, and if it is included in or excluded from the price you’ll be setting.

VAT incl.: registrants will pay the exact amount that you’ll set up. Upon checkout, the system will calculate the percentage of the set price that is VAT.

VAT excl.: the system will automatically add the percentage of VAT you’ll have set to the list price you’ve entered (ex: 100€ list price + 21% VAT means that the registrant will be asked upon checkout to pay 121€, even though you have listed a 100€ price tag).

Under “VAT status”, you are able to fill in the VAT rate applicable.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 13.04.27.png

Thanks to this useful feature, your invoices and accounting documents generated by idloom-events will display the correct tax rate, every time. More information on idloom's invoicing system here.

Advanced VAT options

The idloom-events system is capable of adjusting to the most complex VAT constraints. For example, setting a different VAT rate for a participant from country X that has a VAT number in country Y, where the event takes place.

In order to customize your VAT settings, all you need to do is select the “Use advanced VAT options” setting. This will automatically open a VAT settings table, where you’ll be able to enter specific rates.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 13.11.38.png

This additional module ensures your tax rates are always accurate, even in the most complex circumstances.

Note that advanced VAT settings are available starting from our Premium package.

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