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User guide
User guide

Managing attendees payments and transactions Discover our new straightforward and user-friendly attendees payment dashboard.

Always striving for improvement and innovation, the attendees payment section has recently been reworked and reorganized in order to facilitate and better monitor transactions.

(Available from Light subscription)

The attendees payment section is now divided into three main areas:

  • Payment details - Where all transactions can be entered or modified.
  • Payment documents - Where all documents issued regarding that attendee are displayed and ready to download
  • Transaction timeline - This new feature shows all the logged payment operations into a comprehensive and straightforward transaction timeline in which all transactions from the moment of the registration until now are displayed.

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Two additional features: Refunds & Transfers


Should an attendee overpay, it is now possible to account for a compensation that was made towards that attendee. Enter the refunded amount and the payment status of the attendee will automatically update. Refunding the amount that was due to the attendee will remove the “overpaid” tag, while refunding more will flag the transaction as an overpayment. The refund itself must be done separately as only the payment status and the amount due changes. 




It is now possible to transfer funds from one attendee to another and you can even do so across different events. Again, this feature doesn’t allow you to transfer the money (say via another Stripe payment), rather it helps keep track of the flow of money between attendees and helps you in your management of over and underpayments.




We wish you success and pleasure with all your events!

The Team