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User guide

Advanced registration form using conditions Customize your registration form by applying conditions and actions on certain fields and categories.


We are excited to present our brand new additional feature, conditional form. With you can now create conditions and actions in your registration form.

(Available from Premium subscription)

Step 1: Requirements

Select whether My information or Ticket is step one of the registration process of your event by navigating to General > Essential > Registration flow.

  • If My Information is step 1, registrants will need to answer the form before being able to select their ticket.
  • If Ticket is step 1, registrants will select their ticket first and then answer the form.           

Go to Registration > Form to create form questions/fields and display in order they should show on the form. The default display is the order in which they are set up in the Form. Conditions will not alter the order in which the fields are displayed. Therefore, it is very important that the fields are in the order they should be displayed in the registration process. These fields will be important, as they will be the options on Step 2.

Go to Tickets > Category to create a category for each registrant type. These are necessary to only display the respective options available to each registrant type. 

Step 2: Determine displayed and hidden fields

Go to Registration > Form conditions and use the toggle buttons to unselect the fields from the list that will initially be hidden to registrants. Typically, the basic fields like First name, Last name, Email, and the first trigger field will be displayed. The other fields will remain hidden and will be displayed based on the conditions that will be set up in the List of conditions.

Step 3: Add conditions

Go to Registration > Form conditions and click Add condition at the bottom of the page. The condition window will pop up.

Create a condition and assign the answer that will trigger the next set of actions. Form fields and categories are automatically populated and can be selected from the Actions.

There can be multiple conditions created and can select that Match ALL or Match ANY condition be met for the next actions to take place.

For example, if a choice list field says: I am a(n): Elected Official; County Staff Member; Other, the organizer will pick one of them to create a track. Then, the organizer will add the actions that will be triggered by this answer. So, that Elected Official will answer the fields specific to her.


While adding the fields that will be triggered, the organizer has the option to show or hide the field. Continuing with the example from above, the Elected Official will then have a series of fields that will show in the form.

Lastly, the category should be set to Elected Official to only show the options available for that registrant type.                    

Alternatively, the organizer can change the registration flow and have the tickets be the first step in the process. In this case, the condition will be the category equal Elected Official. From there, the actions can be activated, and the respective fields will show or hide based on the action chosen. 

In this example, the Elected Official condition is complete, unless there are other conditions to other questions in the form that needs to be set up.

Step 4: Create other conditions

Repeat the same steps to create conditions for the County Staff Member and the Other categories. This will enable each registrant to answer a specific set of fields on the form and see only the option available for them. 

If the actions are not too different, you can duplicate the condition (by clicking on the 3 dots next to the condition's name) and edit it. This will help save time and not have to start from scratch for similar conditions.

Step 5: Check all conditions and actions work 

Make sure that all actions are set up and triggered properly in the registration form on the registration site.


We wish you success and pleasure with all your events!

The team