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SAP integration with The integration between SAP and enhances event management by allowing for real-time data exchange and improved workflow automation.

Leverage SAP Customer Data Cloud Integration for Enhanced Event Management

Supercharge your event management capabilities by connecting your platform with SAP Customer Data Cloud, seamlessly turning event registrants into valuable customer data while personalizing login pages and mapping the fields of your choice.

What is SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC)?

SAP Customer Data Cloud is an all-in-one customer data management solution that empowers businesses to build trusted relationships with their customers. By securely collecting, storing, and managing customer data, SAP CDC ensures data protection and compliance while enabling organizations to deliver personalized experiences that foster brand loyalty and drive growth.

Synchronize contacts information from to SAP synchronizes the following information:

  • Guest details, including custom fields.
  • Accompanying person details.
  • Company information.
  • Registration details.
  • Invoicing and payment details.

Synchronizations are automatically triggered on the following events:

  • Notify-me (pre-registration) > Create, update, delete.
  • Guest > Create, update, delete.

Collect contacts information from SAP to can collect the following information: *

  • Load participant list for restricted registration. 
  • Adapt registration forms content depending of guest details in SAP. 
  • Dynamically load information (like POS addresses) to populate registration forms custom fields. 

* Additional configuration cost may apply.

Secure Data Management and Compliance

Select your data center to ensure data protection and compliance with regional regulations, such as GDPR. By choosing a specific data center location, businesses can guarantee customer data security and adherence to local legislation.

Full Personalization for Enhanced User Experience

SAP CDC integration offers the flexibility to choose specific events for integration, allowing businesses to control the process and optimize resource allocation. This ensures targeted data management for each event. By customizing the login screen with screensets, businesses can achieve a comprehensive level of personalization for the user experience, enhancing the visual appeal of event pages while aligning the interface with their brand identity.

Efficient Data Management with Field Mapping and Webhooks

Utilize field mapping with webhooks to enable an efficient data flow between your event management platform and SAP CDC, streamlining data management and improving the overall customer experience while ensuring data protection and regulatory compliance.


Overall, integrating with SAP can provide event organizers with a comprehensive solution for managing both operations and events. It can help them save time, reduce costs, and provide a more personalized experience for their attendees.



Acerca de Páginas web para eventos - Inscripciones - Gestión de asistentes es una avanzada plataforma de inscripción para eventos diseñada especialmente para gestionar fácilmente todos los procesos de organización de eventos en línea, en vivo e híbridos mediante la automatización de la mayoría de tales procesos. En unos minutos, los organizadores de eventos pueden pasar del concepto a la creación de una web de eventos integral, multilingüe y formada por varias páginas para la gestión de asistentes, el procesamiento de pagos, la impresión de credenciales, la reserva de habitaciones de hotel, la generación de facturas, el registro presencial, la gestión de sesiones y mucho más.

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