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new year new features
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New year, new features This new year comes with a bunch of new features in your favorite event management software!


New year, new start, new features!

At idloom, we spend a lot of time and effort improving our existing offering to make sure we remain the best and most complete event management software out there, without ever compromising on ease of use!

We release updates every month, and give all our customers access to them instantly!

Here’s what’s been released since our latest release:

  • idloom's online stage - Make your virtual event more interactive than ever by broadcasting multi-source content. For more information, check out our user guide.
  • Filter on "My events" - Filter on the events you are the owner of in the event list.
  • Filter on "Waitlisted" guests - Filter on the guests who are registered to a waiting list in the guest list.
  • Bulk status change - Change the status of multiple attendees simultaneously.
  • Bulk tags - Assign tags to attendees simultaneously. You can now also filter guests by tags and send emails to attendees with a specific tag.
  • Canceled registration - After an attendee cancels his/her registration, an automatic email is sent to confirm that the cancellation was successful.
  • New email campaign structure - We have updated our campaigns structure to increase the user friendliness of this tool. For more information, check out our user guide.
  • Automatic campaigns at a given date - Schedule a campaign and send it at the optimal time.
  • Events listing homepage per Profile (for Corporate accounts) - In the profile settings, you now have access to the listing of all your events for a specific profile.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned as there’s more to come very soon!

Feel free to reach out to us at for any assistance or additional information.


Enjoy your future events!

The idloom-events team