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Winter refresh We are proud to announce the release of some refreshing new features.


Winter refresh: new features release!

For the past few months, idloom-events team has worked hard to make your events management easier than ever.

We release updates every month and give all our customers access to them instantly!

So, what’s new?

  • Roles and permissions – New roles have been created: Event Owner, Event Manager, Event Editor, Guest Manager and Event Staff. You also now have the possibility to "Lock" an event. In this case, it will be accessible and editable only by Admin, Event Owner and Event Manager roles. For more information, check out our user guide.
  • Accompanying person count now in stock management – Activate the checkbox "Add a ticket for accompanying person" in the accompanying person field. The accompanying person will be automatically counted in the stock management of your event.
  • Advanced Tax/VAT settings – You can customize your tax/VAT settings based on your needs (i.e. depending on the country/state of guest and tax/VAT number).
  • Cancel unpaid registrations – You can now activate the automatic cancellation of unpaid registrations after a self-chosen time period.
  • Social network share – You can now share your participation to an event on your favorite social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Xing). This is visible on the confirmation page and in the confirmation email.
  • Volume discount – A discount (either in your local currency or in %) can be applied according to the quantity of category and/or option selected.
  • Pre-filling of company/organization and invoicing details fields – In case of multiple registrations, the fields about your company/organization and about invoicing details will be automatically filled in as from the second registration.


The idloom-events team