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Revisited and improved website editing and guest communication We're glad to announce the launch of idloom-events 4.3 with revisited and improved website editing and guest communication features, giving event managers a better view on their website and document editing possibilities.


This version introduces some exciting changes to the backend tool of your favorite event management platform

We're glad to announce the launch of idloom-events 4.3 with new website editing and guest communication possibilities ! We’ve rearranged the blocks and sections to give you a better control over your event creation, and added optional texts for the website, email, and documents sent out to registrants. 

Here is the new structure, along with its revamped content fields:

EVENT WEBSITE BUILDER – this is now the first section you’ll see, right underneath the event title, date, image and location. This section allows you to enter your general event description, to choose your pages’ language and to edit your website’s pages. This is also where you’ll be able to attach documents.

REGISTRATION STEP 1: GUEST INFORMATION – this section regroups all information you need to collect from your guests during the registration, along with a field for important information to be displayed during this phase of the registration process as well as terms and conditions.

REGISTRATION STEP 2: EVENT CATEGORIES & OPTIONS – here we’ve added the VAT options directly in the pricing phase of your event. This will allow you to edit the rate on the same page as where you’d normally edit the prices, which is more logical. 

REGISTRATION STEP 3: HOTEL BOOKINGS – nothing has changed here, we’ve only placed this block as step 3 to match the order of the registration process phases of the event website.

REGISTRATION STEP 4: PAYMENT OPTIONS –  we’ve revamped this section for improved clarity. You now find 2 types of texts that can  be filled out:

  1. Important info to be displayed before booking confirmation, appearing at the last step of the registration process
  2. Explanation text boxes for each payment method you select; these texts pop up when the registrant clicks on the payment method of their choice

INVOICE OPTIONS – this section is similar to the previous version, except that all VAT options have already been dealt with in step 2.

CONFIRMATION TEXTS –  this is where the biggest improvements have been made. We’ve upgraded this section to give you perfect control over the messages you send out to registrants, at every step of the registration process, whether on the website, in emails, or on accounting documents. Here’s the new structure:

  • Website – Registration confirmation texts for free participations, bank transfer, online payment succeded, as well as a custom text for failed online payments
  • Emails – The same text boxes can be edited independently for emails, meaning you can now send different confirmation messages in your emails than on the website itself
  • Documents – We’ve added custom text boxes for:
    • Text displayed on proforma
    • Text displayed on invoices
    • Text displayed on credit notes

You will also notice that, for every step of the registration process, text boxes “Important info” have been added. These boxes allow you to display an important piece of information to your guests on every page of the event website.

Feel free to reach out to us at for any assistance or additional informations,

Enjoy your future events !

The idloom-events Team