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idloom-events email campaign tool
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Email campaign management Create and manage email campaigns for your events

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Send "save the date", invitations, reminders, etc. with idloom’s built-in email module

Do you need to send out event invitations or simply reminders to your attendees? Idloom-events lets you send customized emails to subsets of your guest lists !


How it works:

  • In your backend, click on Emailing from the left sidebar menu
  • Select the right profile from the list
email campaign management


  • After selecting a profile, click on the event you wish to send a campaign for
  • All existing campaigns for this specific event are listed. From there, you can manage existing campaigns or create new ones
email campaign management


  • Click on + Add campaign to create a new campaign
  • Edit and define:
    • The campaign name (for internal use in the backend)
    • Select from which event you want to load the guest list
    • Select the language of the guests you want to send the campaign to (if your event is in multiple languages)
    • Define the registration status of the guests in your sending list (optional)
    • Define the tag(s) to which you want to send the campaign (optional)
    • Define the payment status of the guests in your sending list (optional)
    • Define the category(ies) to which you want to send the campaign (you can select multiple)
    • Define the option(s) to which you want to send the campaign (you can select multiple)
    • Edit your email subject
    • Enter the email text content
    • Decide if you wish to add the guests’ QR code to the email (i.e. if you hadn’t sent it automatically with the confirmation email)
    • Decide if you wish to send the campaign automatically at a given date. Schedule the date and time at which the automatic campaign should be sent
    • Add the correct time zone 
    • Save
email campaign management


Your campaign is now saved in the campaign list page. To send the campaign, simply select it from the list and click on Send. You can also send a test to your own email (email addresses linked to the profile) before sending it out to your guests.


email campaign management



  • To send initial event invitations, simply upload your guest list in the backend, then select Imported / Pre-registrations as the registration status
  • All mail-merge and other customization options available in confirmation emails are also available with the emailing module

The emails are fully branded with your profile’s colors and logo.


Emailing is available with Premium and Corporate plans. Limits do apply as follows:

  • Premium: 2500 emails per month included, then €10/$15 per 1000 emails per month
  • Corporate: 5000 emails per month included, then €10/$15 per 1000 emails per month

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!



The idloom-events team