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Automatisierungen Thanks to this advanced feature, idloom-events allows you to create and configure automations and link them directly to your profiles and events.



The past approach in idloom-events was that all technical settings were done at a profile level and all events belonging to a given profile would inherit these settings (webhooks, field mapping form automation, and custom scripts).

What is new?

We created another more advanced and efficient approach. A new Automation section is available that contains all information about webhooks, field mapping, and form automation.

Idloom-events offers now two new possibilities:

  • the capability of selecting an existing “automation” i.o. setting up the technical part directly in that section of the profile settings. It will then be automatically applied to every event created for that profile.
  • To select a list of several automations in which you can select which one would apply to an event created for that profile.

With idloom-events you can now modify the event creation page and select the automation to apply to the event from the list created in the corresponding profile as explained here above.

How does it work?

Step 1: Go to automations section and link the right automation to the right profile

We created a new setting called Automations in the left sidebar menu. In this section, you can create and edit automations (Webhooks, field mapping, form automation, and custom scripts).



By editing existing automation, you will see the following:

  • Name
  • Allow API access
  • Activate webhooks
  • API key
  • Account name
  • Available for profiles: in this field, you can link one or multiple profiles that will automatically be linked to the automation.
  • Automatically available for new profiles: by activating the checkbox, this automation will automatically be linked to newly created profiles.
  • Field mapping
  • Automatic event configuration


Step 2: Go to profile settings and select the right automation for your profile

In a specific profile, you can find a new field called: “automation”. This is a dropdown with the selected automation from step 1. You can now select an automation for this profile. By selecting automation for a specific profile, the automation for this profile will automatically be applied to all the events of this profile.

Please note: Now that you have selected profiles for automation (step 1) you will have to choose an automation for this profile (step 2).



Step 3 (option): Possibility to override the automation of profile for a specific event of this profile.

You can override the automation of a profile for a specific event of this profile by selecting another automation in the registration step 1: guest information of an event. In the section “API & Webhooks” we created an automation field. By default, the automation selected in the profile will apply. If you choose another automation, the selected automation will apply to this specific event.

API & Webhooks Revamping



The idloom-events team