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News from our US branch Marketing event management software from Phoenix, AZ

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"The multiple communities within the Phoenix area embrace technology companies with open arms."

Since idloom’s January opening in Tempe, Arizona USA; a lot of traction has been gained!  Though we’re a new option to the plethora of event management software systems in the US market, we’re quickly realizing that we’re right up where we intended to be - at the top of our class!  

A few key, local Arizonan contacts have been made, as well as some very key contacts in the highest populated nonprofit sector of the Country, in the Nation’s capital of Washington, D.C. We’re also gaining popularity amongst many other nonprofits located throughout the Country, as well as with University and both Federal and State Government institutions.

The variety of contacts is a good sign that idloom’s software truly was built for the masses!  No matter the business sector, we’re a good, viable fit for everyone’s needs.  We’ve even stumbled across not just new software features for the market, but an entirely new product that will be an expansion of our event software!  We can’t wait to announce what it is in the coming new year - as it will be a true game changer in the world of event management!

Jessica Connor, idloom’s US Country Manager, recently described why Arizona is such a great location for idloom:

“Phoenix is a great city for technology companies.  The multiple communities within the Phoenix area embrace technology companies with open arms.  The desert environment is a great metaphor for entrepreneurs and new companies calling the desert home - only the best will survive and thrive here...it truly is: “survival of the fittest.”    

The local government, prestigious private sector business leaders, elected officials and university presidents are collaboratively investing a lot of resources into the Phoenix business ecosystem.  They have big goals for Arizona to become one of the leaders in the United States for growth and innovation; especially with businesses in the technology arena. Not only does the state have near perfect weather year-round, but we’re also appealing for our cost of living; especially when compared to the next Silicon Valley!”