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About idloom

You can contact idloom by post at the below address, via the contact page, by telephone or by email. You can of course also visit idloom's offices.

idloom s.a.
Tervuren avenue, 216
1150 Brussels

VAT: BE 0639.967.792
IBAN: BE92 1430 9473 2123

Services and information on this website

This website is the property of idloom sa. It contains information on the company and its activities and is regularly updated as fully as possible. idloom does not provide any guarantee or declaration, either explicit or implicit, as regards the accuracy, legitimacy, recent nature or exhaustiveness of the information published on the website. All information may be modified at any time without prior notice.


Despite the careful attention paid by idloom to the development of this website and the information contained on it, idloom cannot guarantee that it is at all times virus-free. We therefore recommend that each visitor re-scans the information collected on it in order to detect any viruses present, given the rapid evolution of viruses and the risks linked to the Internet’s use.

Intellectual property rights

The contents of this website and the information provided on it, together with all photos, brands and logos, are covered by the intellectual property rights of idloom, its agents or its suppliers. All visitors to the website are obliged to comply with these intellectual property rights at all times and to refrain from committing any infringement.
In the absence of express advance written authorisation from idloom, no link may be placed from any other website to any idloom website and/or web page. Visitors are also prohibited from copying and distributing the website’s content or layout and from offering it to third parties in return for payment.


Except in the case of an intentional act or a serious failing, idloom cannot be held liable for:

  • direct or indirect damage caused by any information or data which might have been communicated to the visitor on or via this website;
  • any technical difficulty which a visitor to this website may encounter, irrespective of the cause and, in particular, but not exclusively, viruses, bugs, insufficient capacity, the visitor’s own hardware, software, browser or computer systems of any nature, and software not originating from idloom which has been installed and which gives access to the Internet and to this website;
  • any damage caused by a case of force majeure or by occurrences or third parties over which idloom has no direct control;
  • any damage caused by the act of leaving this website or by an act occurring after having left this website;
  • the illegal accessing or modification by a third party of the computer systems, the program or the program code, or of this software or that of the visitor, or any damage arising from this;
  • any miscalculation or error in applicable VAT rates for any event (incl. invoicing).

Law and jurisdiction

The information provided on our services and products and its publication are governed by Belgian law. Only the courts and tribunals possess the authority to settle any dispute relating to this website, the information provided on it and its use by visitors.

Protection of privacy and Cookies

Idloom cares about your privacy. Complete details about idloom privacy and cookies policy can be found here.


Our site is available in 4 languages: English, French, Dutch and German. In case of differences between versions and translations, the English version shall prevail.

Last modified: May 1, 2018

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