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Idloom-events’ Service Level Agreement (SLA) – November 5th, 2021

Our service level agreement outlines the services included with your event management software license and your responsibilities. By utilising our services and ensuring you own the points outlined as client responsibilities, you’re offering yourselves a seamless experience and most importantly a great event.

Please ensure you have read and understood this document before starting work on a new project.


  • Idloom’s engagements below will apply differently depending on the level of support the client has requested from idloom and the amount of support hours contracted.
  • “Business days” are to be understood as all days open for business in Belgium, excluding all week-ends and bank holidays which you will find here

Idloom engagements

  1. Idloom will assign the client a dedicated Account Manager, who will be the main point of contact. A wider support team will be available to assist should the allocated contact be unavailable for any extended period of time.
  2. Idloom will provide strictly the amount of service time agreed upon in the contract/proposal (support pack hours).
  3. Idloom will log and document all work done in precise time sheets. Once all support hours are used by the client, idloom will stop work immediately unless the support pack is renewed by the client (does not apply to platform malfunctions of bugs).
  4. Idloom will provide necessary training (if included in the contract as support pack hours) via Zoom or a similar platform.
  5. Idloom will assist the client in any request in a timely and efficient manner (if included in the contract/part of the support pack) within business hours via email, chat, and telephone. If the client needs assistance outside of office hours, idloom will provide a specific quote for additional support (to be discussed with appointed Account Manager).
  6. Idloom will answer all email/message communications within 1 business day.
  7. Idloom will handle change requests based on the related workload:
    1. Small changes to event pages within the limits of standard features: within 2 business days,
    2. Substantial changes/customizations/developments outside of standard platform features: based on a communicated timeline to be defined with the account manager.
  8. Idloom will upload content strictly as provided by client.
  9. Idloom will set up custom domains and email sender addresses (if included in contract) within 5 business days. The DNS will be: 1. Set up entirely by the client, idloom’s intervention being stricly limited to providing the information for the proper DNS set up, 2. Or – set up by idloom in case the domain name has been puchased by idloom.
  10. Idloom will set up custom colours and fonts (if included in contract) within 4 business days.
  11. Idloom will set up custom email templates (if included in contract) within 7 business days.
  12. Idloom can provide a limited design service (taken out of support pack hours) to take your assets and apply these to the platform. Idloom is not a design agency, and design work capabilities will remain limited.

Client engagements

  1. Client will provide all assets, brand guidelines, and other necessary content/information for the proper build of the platform and/or email campaigns at least 7 business days before registrations' opening and/or website launch.
  2. Client will provide all content in agreed templates and will proof read content before sending to idloom.
  3. Client understands that no more than 2 change requests can be requested for any build/set up/custom development/design element (based on a fixed price quote; if not all requests are taken out of support pack hours). All additional change requests will be charged € 95 per request or per hour providing client is able to communicate all change requests at the same time/in one communication.
  4. Client agrees that all briefing elements, change requests, comments and explanations are to be condensed in a minimum number of messages/communications. Client will make all efforts to condense support requests into one email where possible.
  5. Client understands that changes in scope outside of the brief agreed with idloom before project kick off will need to be discussed with the Account Manager. Any changes to scope of work may result in additional costs and depending on what the change to scope involves, this may not be achievable within previously agreed timelines.
  6. Client will be responsible for managing communications with end users who have issues registering.
  7. Client understands that the amount of service/support from idloom’s team will be strictly limited to contracted support pack hours. If the support hours are completely used up, client understands that no additional work will be performed by idloom unless additional support hours are purchased.
  8. Client understands that support pack hours initially contracted are an estimate based on the initial project requirement. In no circumstance can idloom be held accountable for any scope misunderstanding or miscalculation of support pack hours.
  9. Client will ensure all necessary sources (including email platforms) are whitelisted by their end users ro ensure a smooth registration process.

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