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Fielddrive integration with The fastest on-demand, full-color badge printing solution in the world with facial recognition.

About fielddrive

Fielddrive is a comprehensive check-in and badging software designed for events of all sizes. The platform provides a streamlined and efficient check-in process for attendees, allowing them to receive their badges quickly and easily. Fielddrive also offers a range of features to enhance the attendee experience, including lead retrieval and session tracking, and integrates with other event management tools. Overall, Fielddrive is a powerful tool for event organizers looking to optimize their onsite registration and badging process.

Integrating and Fielddrive has the potential to significantly improve your events

Integrating your event registration platform with your badging software can make a significant impact on your event management process. When it comes to integrating registration platform with badging software Fielddrive, the benefits are clear.

By integrating these two platforms, you can streamline the registration and check-in process, making it quick and efficient for attendees. With, you can easily manage event registration, gather attendee data, and sell tickets. Fielddrive provides a comprehensive onsite registration and badging solution that enables attendees to check-in quickly and receive their badges, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall event experience.



Moreover, integrating and Fielddrive provides valuable data about attendee behavior and engagement. You can track attendance and monitor real-time check-in data, which can help you optimize event logistics and improve future events.

The integration of these two platforms provides an opportunity for event organizers to boost revenue generation. By selling sponsorships and advertising within the Fielddrive badging process and collecting payments directly within the platform, organizers can offset costs and increase revenue for their event.

In today's fast-paced world, attendees expect a seamless and efficient event experience. By integrating with Fielddrive, you can provide a registration and check-in process that meets and exceeds their expectations. Additionally, the integration provides valuable insights into attendee behavior and engagement, increases revenue opportunities, ensures compliance with data privacy regulations, and streamlines event management processes.


Acerca de Páginas web para eventos - Inscripciones - Gestión de asistentes es una avanzada plataforma de inscripción para eventos diseñada especialmente para gestionar fácilmente todos los procesos de organización de eventos en línea, en vivo e híbridos mediante la automatización de la mayoría de tales procesos. En unos minutos, los organizadores de eventos pueden pasar del concepto a la creación de una web de eventos integral, multilingüe y formada por varias páginas para la gestión de asistentes, el procesamiento de pagos, la impresión de credenciales, la reserva de habitaciones de hotel, la generación de facturas, el registro presencial, la gestión de sesiones y mucho más.

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